Thursday 16 August 2007

Z is in a jam

It having been cooler and a bit wet the last couple of days, Al had strawberries left over. Too many to throw away really, so I've been making jam. Three batches were made and potted this morning and three more are in bowls, covered with sugar, ready for doing tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

The Sage has been calling on friends asking to raid their cupboards for empty jars. The last lot I made, I ended up using glasses, so we're drinking mostly out of pint pots now.

We're just off to a 90th birthday party, so I'll tell you about Don Giovanni later.

Ah, I've still got a few minutes.

I went to hear Don Giovanni last night at Snape. Very good. It was a concert performance as there is not room on the stage for a set as well as the orchestra and singers, and no pit, but the splendid singers managed that with aplomb, although it can't be easy as it meant that they had to stay on stage for the whole 3+ hours. Orchestra great too, very young.

Really must go now, as I need to get petrol on the way.



Arabella said...

You have inspired me to bake scones today. The English variety. Yum.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between English scones and American ones? Bet your kitchen smells fabulous after all of the jam making!

Dave said...

I've got about 20 empty jam jars, to which you're welcome - as long as half come back, full.

Z said...

Yummy,scones. I don't often make cakes any more, but when I make scones we scoff the lot very rapidly.

Martina, I looked up American scones and found various recipes, one including yeast and another that was a dry crumbly biscuit, which was described as like British shortbread (which is really Scottish of course), but I thought it sounded more like a rusk.
It said that our scones are like an American biscuit - I don't know what an American biscuit is of course.

The kitchen smelled good and was quite steamy!

Dave, that sounds like a good deal. Do you deliver? I could make some scones for tea.

Pat said...

To my shame, i don't think I ever made jam but I did make marmalade.

Z said...

Nothing's easier than strawberry jam, just hull them, add sugar and lemon juice and cook. Marmalade's hard work.

luckyzmom said...

I too would be happy to contribute my many jam jars, even a new case with pretty lids I was saving for something special! too bad you can't beam them over the net like Star Trek.

We just had scones last night that my husband made from a "Fisher original Fair Scone & shortcake mix". We added dried blueberries instead of the usual raisins. Heaven with butter and jam. They are much like English scones. They are also like American biscuits except scones have a finer texture and are lighter and yummier. I tried to stop at two but was unsuccessful.

Z said...

I tried to stop at two but was unsuccessful - excellent!