Wednesday 8 August 2007

Back catalogue.

I slept straight through the alarm and didn't wake up until ten to nine. In my pre-waking dream, I swore twice in the final sentence, but I can't remember why.

It was WI last night, which must have been to blame. It was run as a village social evening, with a treasure hunt and supper to follow, but I shared my bottle of wine with someone else and still brought some of it home. Lots of people there, and very jolly. I hadn't known that the friend who picked me up (WI is in the next village, three miles away and uphill - for we do have hills in Norfolk after all) hasn't been at all well and, three weeks ago, put her back out.

Her daughter, fortunately, was able to come out on that occasion (her husband was away at the time, doesn't it always happen?) and first she, and then her grandson, came to stay the night. But next morning, once he'd gone to work, she became stuck again, and by that time she needed the loo rather badly. Her husband's secretary arrived for work and she called her upstairs for advice. The doctor was called, but there was still the lavatorial problem. "Whatever did you do?" I asked. "Well, she put a towel under me" (oh god,you peed on the floor? said my expression) "and went to the scullery to find an old jug. It still had cobwebs and dust in it, I realised later. Then she asked if, still bent double, I could fall forwards, and she put the jug under me. Of course, afterwards, I couldn't get up again. But then the doctor came and gave me some strong painkillers and a friend remembered she had rescued a Zimmer frame from a skip, and I was able to get about a bit more then. But I couldn't come downstairs for four days."

I've begged her to call me if she has any trouble again. I only saw her a month ago, and this has all happened since then.

I also spoke to the two people whose dogs have, they hope, been making babies together. It still isn't definite if Bella is pregnant but, if she is, the puppies will be due on 4th September. Five family members want a puppy, but we'll have the sixth if there is one - Bridget thinks that she might have a scan done, as Bella herself was one of a huge litter and she'd like to be prepared. My fingers are crossed hard, which makes for awkward typing.


Girlplustwo said...

there is nothing quite like dog love.

Pat said...

My late partner(business) used to have a back which would seize up occasionally and put her out of action for weeks at a time. I have a theory that people with long bodies are more prone and also that abrupt changes in temperature can trigger problems. No cold showers when it's oppressively hot.

Dave said...

Please stop talking about puppies. And don't dare post pictures when you get one.

Even my Simpsons picture seems to include a dog.

I am NOT going to get one until I move home next year.


Anonymous said...

That happened to me because I overdid it planting trees. Back went out while I was on my way to toilet....Luckily my mom was visiting and she called medics. She is elderly and petite so couldn't help me up. Picture....five firemen/paramedics in a small bathroom surrounding a woman in a fetal position...Two of them got on either side and pulled me up off the floor in two seconds. Once upright I could walk to Mom's car and go to ER for shot and muscle relaxants/pain killers. Hope your friend feels better soon and has no more back problems for a while.

Z said...

I'm sorry Dave. I waited four years before I had Chester as a puppy sixteen years ago, and it will be three years in November since he died, though I've had Tilly for ten years now. You know I will put up photos, don't you. I do feel for you though. While dogless, I used to persuade mutts with muddy feet and shaggy hair to deposit debris all over me. I think I may torment Jen too, as I don't think she has a dog either - do you, Jen?

It may still, of course, not happen.

Pat, you may have a point as my taller friends all seem to have to take a lot of care with their backs. I did have an episode of back trouble a few years ago myself, but not since. I didn't get stuck though. Bathroom floor, eh, Anon? ... so near and yet so far. It is a beastly pain though and so tiring, as you can't bear to sit and have to stand or lie flat. I couldn't lie on my bed, although it's quite a firm one and had to sleep on the floor for several nights.

The Boy said...

Backs, ugh... I have a cronicly bad one, as you say the curse of being tall.

That sounds like a bad episode with your friend. Thank heavens someone was around.

luckyzmom said...

At first I thought you were describing a dream. Poor sweet baby.