Tuesday 14 August 2007

This 'n' (as they say) that

Call me picky but, devoted as I am to 'For Better or for Worse, tuna noodle casserole, made with tinned tuna, I presume (nothing wrong with tinned tuna and it is correct in a salad Ni├žoise, where fresh tuna is Nice - ooh, you see the play on words? - but a bit poncy), would, assuredly, be fed to the chickens. I mean, I might make it in an emergency, but I would give, to someone who could do with a nice meal they hadn't had to cook for once, something a bit more, um, culinarily challenging. After all, if one was struggling a bit to get things done, a delicious casserole or soup that someone had taken time over would be more of a treat than tinned tuna with pasta.

However. This is not that.


I've had such a delightful day. I cannot tell you how enjoyable, and I hope my lovely new friends (ooh, bung in a hasty link) liked it too, for I talked far too much and walked them through embarrassingly overgrown garden. The Sage, who knows I'm barking but loves me anyway, joined us for lunch (which we went out for as I was too shy to cook as well) and afterwards, and he had a lovely time and is totally (Jen, that's your word) converted to the concept of blogfriends. We were given Genuine Blue Honey and good advice on bees, which will be passed on to Al and Dilly, though not the bit about the tennis court being the perfect setting for hives. Hmm.

This evening, I had a meeting which I thought would be both boring and contentious, for at the corresponding meeting last year I felt obliged to Have My Say, was not. I don't think I should say much more, but it demonstrated that middle-ranking C of E people are more pragmatic and useful than church hierarchy. And that they take on board people who speak up, if they make sense and are constructive.

I don't think I've got a lot to add here. Except that I am a bit miffed with the Royal Mail (though I don't expect it's called that any more). I ordered a CD from a website on the 1st August and had an email to say it was posted on the 2nd. Usually, it would arrive within a day or two. It actually got here today. The 14th. Pretty rubbish, for first class post. I will tell them so, for it could reflect on them and it is not their fault.

Oh, one more thing. It took ages to get all those 39 letters in the post this morning, for I unwisely decided to hand-write the salutation and signature. And ... oh, can't go through it all again. Fortunately, I got over it. And had a lovely day afterwards.


Dave said...

Another post on which it's hard to comment; I waited all morning to see if anyone else could find something to add, to which I might respond.

I see they haven't.

Alan said...

We too have had problems with the post - all because of where your stuff was when the various strikes have happened.

Z said...

We're just sitting looking at each other silently, aren't we Dave? Mind you, I was very tired when I wrote that and I just rambled - or maybe you'd worked that out already.

I think that you are right, Alan. Twelve days for first class post is a bit off though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your hospitality, we had a lovely time too :)

I want your wonderful chimneys, and, by the way, I took a photo of your organ, because we bumped into your church on the way out. Both are very splendid.

Z said...

It was our pleasure and I'm glad you went into the church.

luckyzmom said...

I have not heard of tuna casserole being made with anything other than canned.

I share news about my blogging friends with my husband now and he knows who I'm talking about or will ask, "Now she's the one England or Alaska or such.