Monday 2 October 2006

Z is irascible

- and it's all because of Microsoft. Is anyone surprised? Windows *Live* Mail. More than Half-Dead mail if you ask me. I have had to email some photos. Because I *upgraded* - Hah - is it any wonder that I am reluctant to go on to Beta Bloggger until all you less cautious, more trusting individuals have complained bitterly about its shortcomings - to Windows Live Mail Beta, it no longer tells me when I am up to the pitifully small maximum size attachment I can send so, as I can't be bothered to add up decimals (I'm still a pounds, shillings and pence girl at heart) I have to go under rather than over, which means loads of emails. Half of which it can't be bothered to send so sends me a message to say that they *may* reply to a query.

This is quite sweetly frank actually. But I am so tense that I have turned to the 'easy listening' section of iTunes. I'm presently listening to Dean Martin. What does that do for my e-cred?

Okay, so I never had any. Fine, laugh.

That's enough, you can stop now.

That means you.

And you.



Anonymous said...

Do you want a Gmail account there is no limit on size of email, and it's got a huge storage capacity. I've got tonnes of invites left. If you do want one there's a contact me on my blog.

I've got a Dean Martin in my iTunes as well and Sinatra and Peggy Lee, there's nowt wrong with easy listening unless it's that post modern "ironic" stuff - that's rubbish ;)

Z said...

Thank you Jane, you are a honey. My son Ro has a Gmail account and I suggested to him that he could refer me, but he, while not refusing, said 'why would I want that?' and I felt humbled. So, yes please, I will wing my way to Slothblog and ask nicely.

I lost all streetcred when I admitted to listening to the Singing Postman, Norfolk's answer to - um, er, well, what was the question?

Anonymous said...

I was going to offer you a Gmail invite but it has been works well so go for it.

On another note..congratulations Granny Z twice over...what beautiful little children...isn't Squiffany just adorable..all that baby fat to cuddle. I love it and want to reach out and stroke those chubby little arms.

Right I am off to make another mug of in at midnight last night and still yawning..slept through my alarm and missed my class this morning. Oh dear.

David said...

Dean Martin!

Dean Martin?

Dean Martin......

Z said...

Hello Geena, glad you're safely home. Yes, lots of lovely chubbiness. Little children can have quite slim bodies, but magnificently rounded and braceleted arms and legs.

Greavsie - Dean Martin ♥ ;-◗