Thursday 12 October 2006

I can ramble even after a glass or two.

Truth is, I don't have time to go away. That is, I have time to go away or do whole lots of things that need to be done, but not both. Does anyone doubt what the choice will be?

Oh, for the days when had willpower. When I would just get on and do it all, and keep working until it was finished. Now, I do a bit, read a bit, chat a bit, do a bit more, think 'nah, that's boring' and do something useful but not urgent. However, I do have a most useful extra assistant. It may have taken a long time, but my husband has come up trumps. During the morning, I had three phone calls, asking most politely for information on the final details of completing my jobs that I had dumped on him because I was too busy decorating the church for a funeral tomorrow. He was wonderful. He thought of everything and then checked with me, just in case.

I am thinking of advertising for a PA. And then leaving the advertisement in a prominent position so that he will think that it seems a marvellous job and be tempted to apply for it. He would stroll through the interview. Other applicants would be completely bamboozled by my interviewing technique. A year ago, I gave a job to someone who was so wonderfully quirky that he would baffle the children in his care into doing anything he said. And it has worked. I chose him over the person who seemed fine, but I couldn't understand why her then employers were not re-employing her (as it was a situation that is becoming more prominent in schools) unless there was a hidden problem. I say that *I* chose, but there were three of us; however, I persuaded the others.

Oh, and my printer is annoying me so much. First it said it might not have enough pink ink to complete another document like the last one. So I replaced the pink cartridge. Then it said that the black ink was a bit low. Not out, but it would hate me to run out in the middle of a document (this was 6 pages after saying it had enough ink for at least 100 more pages). Replaced. Then it worried about blue ink. Once it had run out of all other excuses, it blamed yellow ink. Never mind that it appeared to be one third full, it might not print a page with grey writing. I have no yellow ink. I cannot buy yellow ink for this printer in the nearest town. I have to order it. Really. I am a little annoyed. My last printer at least gave the option of printing in colour or black and white. And I'd take the risk of it running out. This is very inconvenient.

I probably will not have time to write a post tomorrow, but I'll be back on Sunday or Monday. I'm afraid I'll have to turn on wv in the meantime, or I will come back to interesting anonymous comments. I say 'interesting' ironically, of course.

I wonder what clothes to wear and what book to take. I must remember to pack something to wear at night, as I will be sharing a bed. I will have to carry my bag all day Sunday so it must not be heavy. It is too dark in my bedroom to see clothes now so packing has to be done before 8 tomorrow morning. Shoes. Hmm. Have I got any garment that will take me through greengrocering, a funeral, dinner, shopping, the theatre, an exhibition, a pub and two trains? Something dark, so that wine stains will not show.

I will travel light. I love travelling light. Except, can I manage with only one book? Hmm.


Girlplustwo said...

2 books, certainly. z, how could you think of anything less?

Z said...

It's clothes or an extra book I think Jen.

Yes, you're right, a no-brainer here.

Girlplustwo said...

so which two did you choose? did you bring along your flask? flasks fit in conveniently small places, and as you know, come in rather handy.

How do we know said...

Am not sure where you're going, but hope you have a good time!! And tell us all about it :-)

Also, tell us what you finally did carry.. pointers for our own day trips.

Z said...

Jen, what do you think I'm like? No, I didn't take a flask. I can last a couple of hours without alcohol.

I took War and Peace - now up to page 836/1358, and Saturday by Ian McEwan which I've been meaning to read for ages but still haven't started as W&P is taking up all my attention.

HDWK - just a couple of days in London. staying with my daughter and son-in-law and my sister joined us. El and Phil took us to the theatre for a (late) birthday present. I took bare essentials, I wished I could have spared room for a jacket for the evening, and I rather would have liked a second pair of shoes, but otherwise, two tops, a day suit (skirt and jacket), an evening skirt, and the usual necessities were plenty. I bought jasmine tea and cinnamon drinking chocolate and that was all. I was abstemious.

Oh no, I haven't turned off wv. I've got to type in qiwlc to make a comment on MY OWN BLOG. GRR.

Rog said...

Ah, a fellow Norfolk Blogger!

Z said...

Welcome, Murphmeister, and I'm sorry you have found me in quite such a rambling vein. I'm not always like this. Though of course there is nothing quite like a ramble in the countryside.

Pat said...

If you ever discover a decent printer that doesn't have a hissy fit every time you change a cartridge, do please let me know. I also do many different tasks in short bursts so today I'm on about the fourth day of pianting a few bulbs. I do find it difficult ot make a deep enough hole and just hope for the best!