Friday 6 October 2006

Lurching, aching, but not complaining

I went to the kitchen to check on the dinner (which is ready), greeted the returning Sage with a telephone message and went back to the computer to finish my email, as he went to the phone. I lurched to the right. I pretended that I'd slipped on a cookery book that I'd carelessly left on the floor.

Maybe that third glass of wine on an empty stomach (except for a chocolate digestive, but that was just to lessen the liquid impact of a mug of Lapsang Souchong) was not the best idea.

But it's Friday night and I've worked very hard today. Being a shop assistant in a greengrocery is very demanding physically. Entirely enjoyable, but it makes a woman ache. Mainly in the pelvic region.


Anonymous said...

I am so giggling at your book tripping incident..I have had my bottle of wine for the night - yes a WHOLE bottle (St Emilion Chateau Hautes Graves D'Arthur) seems quality is the key to not getting absolutely plonked...and I also tripped...apparently over 2 school bags in the kitchen doorway..

Bon appetit!

p.s. How are Pugsley and Dilly doing? Poor Dilly - that c-section scar sucks.

Z said...

Oh Geena, what it is to be young and to drink a whole bottle, not even at a party. I finished last night's bottle and have stopped. I've got to be back at the shop, carrying boxes of bananas and sacks of potatoes, by 8.30 tomorrow morning so I will be as sensible as a woman with a mid-life crisis can be. And mine was Australian Shiraz plonk and nothing as smart as St Emilion.

Does a second c-section use the same scar as the first or make a new one? I haven't asked Dilly yet. She is fine. Al is in attendance, Pugsley is asleep for 3 hours and awake for 1, round the clock, it's all peachy and easy so far. Squiffany is pleased with her new brother, but today she has a cold - probably caught in hospital - so a little grouchy. But I went and said hello and she hugged and kissed, so no big anxiety there.

Anonymous said...

You are a woman with many talents. An organist, church warden, antiques dealer, preacher and now grocer assistant. You have my greatest admiration.

Z said...

A touch of irony here Banana, angel?

If only I were good at any of them.

Anonymous said...

They cut over the old scar - but it is a bit longer as the old scar tissue has to be removed. I used to hate the scar but now I look at it as a sort of battle trophy!

How do we know said...

Zoe... its such a wonderful feeling.. the semi tipsy state!

Z said...

Oh, isn't it, HDWK.. When you know you've had exactly the right amount to drink. Another one would be nice, but not a good idea - so you don't have it.

Geena, I asked Dilly and she said the same - she says the surgeon promised to tidy up the scar too. As it had been an emergency the last time, it wasn't the neatest apparently. She has also been told that if she has another baby she will have to have a section again, as now the scar tissue will not be strong enough for a natural birth. But that's a decision for the future and not my business anyway.