Thursday 5 October 2006

Kisses on the bottom

I wrote myself a letter. That is, I started one to a colleague on Hotmail and then, because I was going to send several attachments, decided to send it on Gmail. So I sent it to myself, intending to readdress it, add the photos and send it on.

Half an hour later, still waiting, I rewrote it instead.

An hour later, it arrived.

Dirty little stop-out.

I have just ordered an Oyster card. This is, my daughter assures me, the most useful innovation to London Transport since the demise of the hansom cab. I am going to visit her and her best beloved in a week or so, and it will save buying tickets at the station and let me forget the appalling price of a Tube ride nowadays. Also, if you use it enough in a day, it kindly lets you go free, though I didn't quite gather exactly how many trips you need to use it for first. Furthermore (yes, it gets better and better), it will automatically top itself up, using my credit card details, so I don't have to worry about running out of credit.

This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in four days.


Anonymous said...

Oh poo - I commenetd this morning and it's not here again - darn Blogger Beta!

I think I said that I paid 3.80 for a single travel card for zone 1 last Friday. What a ripoff. That Oyster thingy sounds worth it.

Z said...

The tube is a shocking price and apparently you can't buy carnets any more. The bus isn't so bad, but how do you know where to get off? I'm downloading useful bus route maps. And I'd be printing them, except my printer is tutting at me and saying I've been doing too much colour printing recently and I might be short of ink, not out, just running low, so is this a good idea? It will save me from myself by switching off.

If I weren't so sweet natured, I'd be cross. But I let it wash over me, and bid on eBay for the Sage.

And pour another glass of wine.

Girlplustwo said...

just found your blog for the first time - your comment over at Irreverent's place made me laugh - and your blog made me laugh even more. terrific stuff.

Z said...

Hello Jen, and thank you very much for saying that.

I do hope irreverent answers her own question. As you might expect, I'm off to the deli today for a slice of ripe Brie to make up my own mind on the matter.

Your comment is making me completely rethink my relationship with cheese.