Tuesday 24 October 2006

Where? - Boo!

Squiffany loves playing hide-and-seek. Playing peep-bo is one of the first games you play with a baby isn't it - a cloth over their eyes for a moment "Where's baby? Where are you?" and then laughter when first you and later the baby takes it away. And then you do it to yourself too, "Where's Granny?"

One of her first useful gestures was an elaborate shrug of the shoulders, wide questioning eyes, and when she could speak she added the word "Where?"

Tonight, she taught Tilly to play. Tilly was rummaging in the corner of the drawing room, hoping to smell a mouse, and Squiffany was searching for her. Under chairs, behind cushions - there she is! - "Boo!" After a couple of times, we realised that Tilly was not mousing any longer (there was no mouse there but she is eternally an optimist), but was lying still and quiet until she was found. We were hugely impressed; Tilly was not brought up with children and has not had many chances to play with them. Then we tried it the other way round. Squiffany went to hide. "Where's Squiffany, Tilly?" we asked. Tilly sniffed the ground and trotted over to the corner. There she was!

Pugsley is growing rapidly. His face has filled out and he is gaining an extra chin or two. He will come, all being well, to his first auction on Friday. I wonder if he will put in any bids.


Girlplustwo said...

i love the soft and yummy grandmaness embedded in here. it's a warm and cozy place tonight.

Anonymous said...

I popped over last night and commented but Blogger ate it and I was too knackered to do it again..

And do you know what? I dreamt of babues and playing peek-a-boo last night!! Yup - I even dreamt the baby was mine...eeek!

Z said...

It was a lovely, calm evening and everyone was happy.

Wendz, remember those sleepless nights. It isn't all peek-a-boo. Eeek indeed.