Thursday 11 October 2012

Z nods off

I did go straight upstairs (after playing my turns at Scrabble) and only read briefly in the bath because I was too tired for the long soak I'd promised myself.  Asleep soon after 9, of course I was awake by 11. But I did fall asleep again, briefly ... and was woken by the burglar alarm.  Of course, the little thief will have been a mouse, I stomped downstairs (I did peer out of the window first, just in case there was a burly figure in a striped teeshirt carrying a bag marked 'SWAG' climbing in a downstairs window), turned off the alarm and returned to bed grumpily.  I slept a bit fitfully after that.

This morning, I received the appointment for my eye operation.  The day of our next auction.  It would be, wouldn't it?  Anything else, I could cancel or change.  So I phoned - I don't know if it's just the eye department at the Norfolk & Norwich, but again it was marvellously efficient.  The phone picked up on the first ring, my details speedily checked and, within a minute or two I was offered another appointment on the next working day after the original appointment.  I've accepted it of course, Dilly will take me to the hospital and then I have two offers - either she will wait with me until I'm ready to come home or otherwise she can leave me there and Weeza will pick me up after work.  Plenty of time to see which is more suitable.  It'll be Monday 19th November, so not too long to wait.  A bit unfortunately, I've got a couple of things on that week - a Nadfas study day and a governors' meeting where I shall, undoubtedly, have to explain repeatedly what's wrong with my eyelid.  Never mind - as I said before, if that's the worst that's wrong with me I can only be grateful.

I was very tired again today - fine until lunchtime, when I cooked myself bacon and eggs (I'd only had a couple of mouthfuls of plain yoghurt for breakfast, the Sage had eaten out and, much as I like cheese and salad for lunch I'd had that every day so far this week) and afterwards I had to curl up in an armchair and go to sleep again.  Is it food that's doing it?  It's just occurred to me that last night and today I was wide awake before eating, had to sleep afterwards.  I'm going out to dinner tonight and have to drive home, so I rather hope not.

I'm assuming it's just this time of year, of course, because I'm used to having a drop in energy in the darker months.  Our friends Pam and Peter, with whom I went to Corfu back in the early summer, spend several months in Portugal to get away from the cold and dark.  I can quite see their point of view.  And the clocks haven't gone back yet, when things take a distinct turn for the worse.  Changing the clocks twice a year seems an absurdly old-fashioned ritual.  British Summer Time all year round would drop a heavy enough hint to the weather, surely?


Unknown said...

My Dad suffers from S.A.D. He's terrible diring the winter.
Good look with your op, and i'll see you on the Scrabble table! xx

Zig said...

Good service and the N&N and good luck also.

I think that food does make for sleepiness but as a fellow insomniac i should think it's probably the lack of Zzzzzzzzzzs - perhaps you need to elongate your name?

Marion said...

In reference to your giving up on a book--I really dislike doing that--but I dislike the people in the new j k rowlings book so much that I am not forcing myself to go back to their village ever again.

Unknown said...

A year or so ago I read a 'whodunnit', and it was so badly written that by the time I was three quarters through it, I no longer cared who was about to be murdered next, or who was murdering them, beyond a vague wish that the murderer had murdered the author before he ever put pen to paper; so I didn't read any more of it.
These days I only read books by authors I know and like, or who have been recommended to me. Life's to short to read badly written books.

Liz said...

I don't know why we change the clocks at all. I think we should stay on GMT all year around.

Z said...

I used to have it as a point of pride to finish a book until it occurred to me that it was up to the author to please me, not up to me to feel a sense of obligation towards him or her. Now, I can't be bothered with a book that isn't good enough. Although my concentration and interest hasn't been up to my former standard for quite some time and I hope that will change. I've read two books from start to finish this week and have two more on the go, which is an improvement.

I'd much prefer a bit more light in the winter afternoons, Liz, I'd offer a trade-off with Europe - we go with their time, GMT+1 if they didn't change the clocks biannually.