Wednesday 10 October 2012

Z can hardly stay awake

So, chairman of governors for another year.  It wasn't a surprise.  Unless anything unexpected crops up, I'll carry on as long as the Head does, see in his successor then opt out.  He's good enough to deserve that much commitment, though if I had any sense I'd leave now while someone else has time to embed themselves.  But the job - his, that is - is multi-faceted enough and an area of stability is a good thing.  I'm good at being stable and reliable, it's what I do.

The Sage had a lovely fire waiting for me in the dining room so there was no hurry to leave the dinner table, though I'm so tired now that I'm quite seriously contemplating a long soak in the bath with a book or two and then an early night.

I'm pleased to say that I'm reading books again at the moment.  I finished an ebook - that is, read it from start to finish - the other night, which does say a bit about lack of sleep but also a certain amount about not losing concentration.  I found a message on my phone to remind me to buy a book called 'A Handful of Earth' the other day, recommended to me by Mig and Barney, but I can't remember the relationship ... can you tell me, Mig?  It arrived today, that's the one I'm going to start next, ignoring the two I already have on the go.  Actually, my resolution for the month (yes, I know it's a third through) is not to start a book and not finish it, not unless I decide it's not worth finishing.  I've been altogether too flippy recently and I've got a string of bookmarked volumes that I have to read to the end.

Really loves, I'm so tired.  I'll just catch up on Scrabble (I see I have six turns waiting for me) and then I'm off.  With the newspaper as well as a handful of earth.


Liz said...

I can't flit between books but I do sometimes abandon a book if I really don't like it.

Sleep well.

Rog said...

'A Handful of Earth' ? Not a dirty book I hope.

Z said...

I've always had at least two or three books on the go, ever since I was a child. I had to have a book ready to be read wherever I was.

I was reading in the bath, Rog, which cleaned it up nicely.