Thursday 18 October 2012

Z does the mousework

Last night I received a text from Elle.  I say last night, it was actually 20 past 4 this morning.  She could hear a strange noise in her bedroom and wondered if I was awake?  I was, of course, and trotted through to apologise and say I'd fetch a mousetrap.  I went downstairs to where the Sage had set it the night before, emptied it of dead mouse, rebaited it and put it in her room.  This morning, I emptied it of dead mouse again.  The Sage went out and bought four more mousetraps.  Elle is taking it very well, in the circumstances.

Blue Witch commented that her dishwasher isn't proving entirely satisfactory, although it's a make she's found good in the past.  I agree.  I have to pay more attention to cleaning this dishwasher's filter than I ever have before, and my theory is that it's because it uses less water.  I suspect that the water is run through several times rather than fresh being used (though obviously the rinsing water is fresh), or else there's less used in the wash so it gets dirtier.  It stands to reason - and if it boasts about how little water it uses (not the dishwasher, obv, the blurb about it) then that water will carry more debris.  And I do rinse off anything that's likely to clog the system and I don't overload it.

I spent most of the day at school, first a meeting, then lunch, then Year 7 Music, so I haven't a lot to report.  Except that I'm off the wagon again.  I'm sure that four days is more than adequate if I needed a break and I felt neither better nor worse in health for it.  I just had a small glass and a half with dinner, nothing before or after, terribly sensible.  


Blue Witch said...

Talking to various Crafty and Nice Ladies, even the only other make above Siemens in the Dishwasher Pecking Order (ie Miele) don't make machines like they used to. Your theory about low water usage would accord with this.

The regulations/requirements on washing machines are similar - unless you use 'extra rinse' there is always a sudsy feeling about clothes coming out. If you're the sort of person who pours in every artificially scented product out it won't matter, but I can't bear those smells, so it matters to me. Hardly water saving.

And welcome back to the boozy world of sanity.

Blue Witch said...

We caught 4 mice in two hours a couple of weeks ago. No more since. The Nice Ladies seem to think mice are (a) more of a problem and (b) earlier this year.

Liz said...

When we bought our dishwasher, I let Sir Bruin sort out which one we would have because I had never owned one before and knew nothing about them. Sir B was of the opinion that there was no point buying an expensive one with all sorts of fancy settings on it that we would never use. The nice man in the electrical shop agreed with him so we bought a cheap Beko and it's brilliant. I do clean the filters from time to time (very easy to do) and run a cleaning product through once in a while too. It is about 18 months old now and so far there haven't been any problems and I wonder how I ever managed without one.

Z said...

I'd rather have a week without the washing machine than the dishwasher.

Another mouse last night, hope this doesn't continue!

Unknown said...

My dishwasher is ageing somewhat, but he still makes a mean spag bol!

Blue Witch said...

Re: expensive V cheap: most dishwashers only come with a 1 year guarantee, so the cost of ownership per year is whatever price you pay for it. It's a bonus if it lasts more than a year, because it's not economically viable to repair such appliances, and there is a limit to what even a competent DIYer can do.

If you buy something with a 5 year guarantee, the cost of ownership per year is the price paid divided by 5. Or 10 if it's a Miele (for some models still). But, as Mieles are more than double the price of Siemens basics (as we have, and I think Z too), Siemens are the best bet, Value wise. And, when they aren't misbehaving, they do wash much better than today's cheap ones too.

But, the old Zanussis were the best. Alas, they don't make 'em how they used to.

That said, we bought a Beko fridge last time (actually, thinking about it, we now have two) and have been very pleased with them.

Z said...

When I'm going to buy a new appliance, I always ask Blue Witch. She does the research so I don't have to!

Z said...

All right for some, John!