Friday 10 June 2011

Z doesn't look an idiot (or at much else)

Irony, irony, they've all got it in for ...wait, that isn't right.

It isn't indeed.  We've been awaiting the Ofsted call for an inspection for the last three weeks and have still not received it.  The village school, Al says, has.  They are to be inspected next Tuesday and Wednesday.

They will do well, it's a jolly good little school and has been for at least the last 23 years - I became a governor there in September 1988 and Ro started there as a pupil in April 1989.  18 years, I retired in 2006, and I still refer to myself as part of it; that is, I say "we" rather than "I." I probably always will.  I'm ludicrously tenacious.  Interestingly, though it'll be the first inspection in the new school buildings and there isn't a permanent Head at present.  The excellent Head left in February and they interviewed for a replacement, but no one came nearly up to scratch.  One of the teachers was asked to be acting head for the time being, rather than bring in someone temporary, a mark of how well the staff all work together.

Tomorrow, I'm going to London to meet my sister.  We're meeting for lunch and then going to the Albert Hall to see this - which, actually, I've only just looked up, I wasn't at all sure what we were going to.  She rang a few weeks ago to suggest it, I'm happy to go and will enjoy it, though I'm not big on dance in particular.  Probably because I'm not the most 'visual' person, unless it's printed - for example, I forgot to put in my contact lens this morning and I only noticed a few minutes ago that things were a bit soft-focus.

The other day, I was at a lecture (about Goldsmiths Hall, it's brilliant, do go to one of their exhibitions or to the Fair in September/October if you have an opportunity) and the person in front of me was partly obscuring the speaker some of the time.  I was looking at the pictures on the screen and then at her and so was he, and I realised that, depending on whether I was able to see her with both eyes or just my left one, she was clear or fuzzy, and yet I was quite unable to tell when the right eye was taking over except by that.

This afternoon, I unpacked the dishwasher and started to remove the filter at the bottom to rinse it clean, but not all the water had drained.  I checked that the programme had finished (not entirely daft, darlings) and then that the drainage hose hadn't kinked, and then put on a rinse programme to see if it was a one-off.  It wasn't.  I phoned John Lewis where we bought it from, and got a call-out number to give the service people.  I was in a queue when I rang that number so decided to do it online - but while I was looking at the website, I noticed instruction manuals.  On that, it said that the pump might have just blocked and to try resetting it.  Well whoopee.  Glad I did, and so saved myself from looking an idiot with a service engineer call-out.  I've got the instruction book here somewhere, of course, but I've put it away very, very securely.


Dave said...

It'll be in the filling cabinet, bottom drawer, in the section marked 'manuals'.

Z said...

I used to have a filing cabinet but I hated it. I have box files now - and a computer, because I keep as little paper as possible.

In fact, the manual is probably in a kitchen drawer, but I don't now need to look for it, because I've downloaded it and all I need to do in future is open the dishwasher manual PDF.

Z said...

Funny filing system, btw, where M for manuals is in the bottom drawer.

Dave said...

It's a system similar to Dewey Decimal.

Z said...

I used the Dewey Decimal system when I worked in a library. Manuals should be in the 640s, under Technology/Household utilities.

Dave said...


Blue Witch said...

I use the same system as Dave. Dishwasher manual in bottom drawer of filing cabinet.

I love paper and cannot imagine having it all stored elctronically. Far too risky for me (who has 3 back-ups of everyting anyway...).

Z said...

I've still got quantities of paper, and I've burned loads of old stuff from way back, this year. If it's important, I'll keep it, but having it on the computer is far more useful - for example, old minutes of meetings are needed for reference, the secretary has the paper copy kept on file, but why would I want one? And it's so wasteful, all those Governors' Guides to the Law they kept reprinting - now they send a disc, which is far better.

I keep tax stuff, personal papers and so on, obviously, and I'm quite sentimental about keeping cards and things. But I have a dozen box files and two large plastic boxes of papers and the latter need going through for a good chuck-out!