Saturday 25 June 2011

Z and the Sage dance

It's really warm tonight, I think I shall have to make some alternative bedclothes arrangements or we will spend the night throwing off the duvet and panting.  And not in a good way.

We have just got home from a party, a joint 70th wedding anniversary.  That is, 40 years for one couple and 30 for the other.  We have known all four of them for a very long time and saw a lot of friends, including our last Rector and his wife and daughter.  They are really good friends, the sort that you just catch up with at once, however long ago that you saw them.

And yes, we did dance.  Energetically (barn dancing, with a caller) and I am shockingly puffed out.  Still, my hips are fine, so I am more than happy.

In fact, the release of tension has made me so relaxed and cheerful that I keep finding myself with a big grin on my face.  It's too soon though really, I have a lot to do in the next month.

That reminds me, and will bring me right down to earth again, it's Ro's birthday in a month's time.  No idea what he might like as a present.  I'll go off and worry for a while before bedtime.


Anonymous said...

Wrong choice of bedding is the reason I'm up this late. It's so stuffy tonight.

Your mentioning barn dancing brought back a good memory for me. Thanks x

Dave said...

It wasn't that warm here last evening. I had to put the fire on, my feet were cold.

Roses said...

So did you spend the night throwing off the duvet and panting?

Sorry, sorry...I couldn't resist.

I'll behave. Promise.

Glad you had a good time my dear. You've been working too hard and worrying and it's good to let off steam every now and then.

Z said...

Oh Sharon, hadn't you got to sleep? Hope you had some rest later.

Barn dancing brings good memories for us to, because both Weeza and Al had ceilidh bands at their respective weddings.

Dave, that's your feet, not the weather. Although it was so humid last night, I think it was one of those occasions when it was warmer outdoors than in.

Not all night, Roses, just a little while....
Another five weeks of work and then I get a month off from the school. I've got Nadfas stuff and a catalogue to write, but that's straightforward. We're going to another party in a fortnight. This is Party Year, for sure.

How do we know said...

u danced! wow! "i will go off and worry for a bit" aint that NICE!

Z said...

Remarkable, and he asked me, I didn't hint or anything! It was energetic dancing, not the romantic sort!

Whatever we get Ro will have to be little in size, they live in a very small house!

Christopher said...

I don't suppose Ro would like a vintage Morris Minor? To take you dancing in?

Christopher said...

Old tyme dancing, that is?

Z said...

Oh, just looked at the post and I described the dancing there. Sorry, everyone, especially HDWK.

I think you've redefined the white elephant, Chris. And it's energetic dancing we do, by the way.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Think back to Ro's favourite games or a favourite toy when he was a nipper - 9 or 10-ish. And buy him one of those.

To be happy as an adult, do things you enjoyed as a child.