Saturday 11 June 2011

To London, and home again

The day went very well, no delays at all and I walked from Knightsbridge tube station to meet Wink, who had arrived before me and was having coffee.  I have walked quite a long way, I suppose - well, it feels like it, though I don't suppose it's more than a couple of miles.

The tube back, it was about 5.30 and, although a Saturday, was very crowded.  We were jammed in and some people had to stay on the platform and wait for the next train.  A lot of tourists, who found the crowds good fun and were smiling.  There was a group of Spanish people and one of them was talking loudly to another, a few yards away.  Her voice was not only loud, but piercing and I tried to keep my head turned for her voice not to blast right into my ear.

I didn't actually mind the crush, I'd found it more of a nuisance outside the Albert Hall where people who'd just exited with us were milling round getting in the way.  On the tube, we were all being good-humoured and considerate (apart from the Spanish lady, who wasn't doing it on purpose, she didn't know her voice could shatter glass*).

Standing there strap-hanging, I pondered - if asked, I'd say I don't like crowds at all and I feel oppressed if there are too many people around me, but the only discomfort I felt was because I was too hot and wished I'd taken my jacket off.  I tried to think it through - I think it was the patience that made the difference.   There was physical consideration, people were trying not to touch, but being good-humoured if it was unavoidable.  Because we were all standing still - that is, swaying about a bit but not moving along - I wasn't nervous of being knocked over.   Um.  Still doesn't entirely add up.

Tomorrow, we are having lunch with Weeza and family.  She and Phil want to go and check out dishwashers without Zerlina, so the Sage and I will babysit after lunch (she still has a nap, so I must remember to take the papers to read, or a book).

* I doubt you should take this literally


Dave said...

I have been on the underground train system in Rome. Sardines have it easy.

Christopher said...

Had I been there I would have offered you my seat. So would Dave. And Sir Bruin. And Rog. You could have stretched out.

Anonymous said...

That brings back memories of the tube and the rush-hour crush to actually get on one. Oh how I hated it. I may have been born a Londoner but I always knew that big city life wasn't for me. Leaving was the best thing I ever did.

I do understand what you mean about the feeling of being crowded being different on the tube, though. I always found the crowds on the platform more scary.

Z said...

In Paris, I received unwanted attention from a man in a way that has never happened to me anywhere else, however crowded. A kind lady noticed my discomfiture and made space for me.

When I needed a walking stick, I never had to stand or carry luggage on London public transport. But few are as courteous as you, Chris (and Dave, Sir B and Rog).

It was quite jolly for once, Sharon, but I couldn't live like that! I didn't like shuffling along the platform, I felt absurdly nervous that I'd be knocked on to the track.

luckyzmom said...

I love lots of peoples as long as they are behaving.