Monday, 18 April 2011

The Cup of Kings

We've been working on the drive all day, but I'll spare you pictures until something is completed.  At one point, when J and R were both breaking up rubble, I observed that they looked like members of a chain gang.  I've been feeling rather guilty about them doing that job ever since, although they look quite happy.  Jolly hard work though.

I tried again to load the video, but although Blogger doesn't specify the largest possible size, it doesn't load.    I could try doing it via Picasa I suppose, but I suspect that would take just as long.  I do put some pictures on Picasa, Flickr or Photobucket sometimes (don't ask me why I have accounts on all, I can't remember) but only if I want to share them with the family.  Otherwise, I don't bother.  They take an age to load too.  Anyway, then I tried to edit the video and split it up but it played sideways on, can't think why, and I couldn't work out how to change it.  I could have gone through the tutorial, but how boring that would be.   Reading a manual is one thing but being taken through stuff on the screen is not for the impatient.  Pity though, as the sight of Al blithely brushing thousands of bees off a tree is quite a good one.

I did take pictures of the marsh marigolds/kingcups or whatever.  The first shows just how overgrown the pond is - very little actual pond left.  The second shows the leaves, but the sun was so bright that the flower was washed out so I took a third, you lucky people.  I do hope you like multiple pictures of the same yellow flower.


Rate My Sausage said...

If you put it to the vote I'd go for "fill it in", no matter how well protected a pond is children can find a way in.

Dave said...

I had toyed with a pond here, but got the message that with a grandson around it wouldn't be popular.

Z said...

I grew up in a garden with eight ponds and a river at the bottom of the garden, none of them covered or fenced off. We have a stream here that can't reasonably be fenced off. So to me, a risk assessment doesn't necessarily mean do away with any potential danger, although it does to many people. That's why, for example, so many schools no longer do educational trips or science experiments. Or allow conkers or snowballs.

I'm still thinking about it and will talk to Dilly and Weeza. Children are never alone in this garden and Al's garden is securely fenced.

Anonymous said...

I like multiple picturs of small yellow flowers.
A pond normally means frogs, sub aqua sub aqua maledicere temptant, that means noisy nights.

Rog said...

I don't see a problem with a Grandson called Noah.

Pat said...

The bottom photo is lovely. Beware Picasa - it has been driving several of us round the bend of late.

Z said...

I've been kept awake by birds, but never by frogs - I'm not sure if our frogs do croak, but I've never heard them.

I have no objection to digging a lake if Noah wants to practise his sailing skills in a few years.

Briefly, Blogger got their photo posting going really well, but it's annoying me again now. I suspect that the video problem may be connected with our very slow broadband service here. I did try putting holiday photos on Picasa or one of the others once, to let all our party see them, but it took so long that I gave up.