Friday, 13 November 2009

This isn't today's post

The Sage has unmade the arrangements that he, I and Weeza made to help him this afternoon.

Weeza and I have chosen not to be annoyed. She is going swimming with Dilly and the children, and I am going shopping for boots and possibly clothes. Then we'll spend the rest of the afternoon together.

I don't know what the Sage will do, but I'm sure he'll enjoy himself too, without us.

See you later, darlings.


Dave said...

As this isn't your post, I won't comment.

badgerdaddy said...

I second what Dave hasn't said.

Pat said...

It's a universal truth that men can be b----y annoying.

sablonneuse said...

I just hope he realises he has disappointed you and makes it up to you!

Z said...

Sometimes, we think that he believes he's doing us a favour by involving us! Anyway, no probs, we've all done our own thing and all is harmony. That is, I've cooked him a nice meal and he's poured me a second glass of wine.

zIggI said...

I wish I could 'choose' not to be annoyed - perhaps you've had more practice!

Anyway I look forward to your post!

savannah said...

well, sugar, after y'all's comment i'm guessing all is right in your world! have a great weekend! xoxox

Z said...

Yup, I choose my reactions, if there's time.

We're having a useful and productive discussion Right Now, and are in harmony. Forecast for the weekend is goooooood ;-)

luckyzmom said...

I would love having a useful and productive discussion that leads to harmony.

Z said...

Poor Sage doesn't have too many options, when it comes down to it. He probably looks back nostalgically to the days when I lost my temper and left the room. Heh.

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