Friday, 27 November 2009

Another significant birthday, another present - 50

My forties were not quite what I had hoped for. Let's not go there, hey. My mother died in the March and all her affairs were sorted out during the course of the summer. There was some left-over money at the end which my sister and I shared, and I decided to buy a piece of jewellery for myself, in memory of my mother and for my birthday. The Sage wanted to be part of this, so in the end we chose a nice ring and went halves.

Didn't do a lot for the day, I think we had a family dinner here.

Fifties have been pretty good so far. Great, in fact.


Dave said...

My fifties have been good in parts.

luckyzmom said...

My mother died the day after our mutual, and my 50th birthday. Since then, my birthdays have been a little blue. My parts have been getting better all the time.

Z said...

Curate's egg for breakfast, Dave?

It's hard when there's a memory like that, isn't it, LZM? My cousin was killed in a motorbike accident and, with most peculiar timing, his parents chose his 28th birthday and his sister's 18th birthday for his funeral.