Saturday, 28 November 2009

Rho Ving still

This is the last full day in Portugal, I'll be back in England tomorrow afternoon and home on Monday afternoon. Wink asked me if I could stay an extra day and go with her to Bath on Monday as she's taken an extra day off but I have a meeting on Monday evening I shouldnºt miss. Dutiful to the end, you see.

Sorry I can't get all the accents right. Different keyboard and all, can't always be bothered to go back and change.

All very enjoyable here and it's warm and sunny. Wink and the Bod were going for a long walk this morning along the beach to the next village and I cried off. I've walked rather more than enough this week and Iºm resting a bit for the last couple of days. Some people hardly leave the poolside I think (It's a bit late in the season to spend the day on the beach). It seems a mildly odd thing to me, what creatures of habit most of us are. Many of them anxiously bag their favourite sun lounger early in the day rather than risk having to move a few yards. I like to ring the changes in most instances. I fear the rut.

Anyway, I hope all's well with you. I did briefly visit Dave, to make sure heºs alive as I emailed him on Saturday and he wasn't at all well then. I was slightly frustrated on Saturday. I visted my sisterºs splendid local library, only to discover that one can no longer blog from their computers. I wasnºt even allowed to leave a comment. I can only assume that there has been Abuse of the Internet in the last few months, as I could last time I was there at the end of the summer.

I must read some emails. I'm afraid there are several hundred of them - we email because we can, don't we? Mind you, so do we blog.

See you next week, darlings. I miss you frightfully.



Dave said...

Still alive, just. The Sage rang while I was asleep (he got the answerphone). I think he must be missing you if he's desperate enough to ring me.

luckyzmom said...


Pat said...

Give my love top Portugal. My sister had a house there for years - Mum loved it and died there. Safe journey:)

A wildlife gardener said...

Looks like you've been away having a lovely time by the sound of things...good for you :)

I am looking at my Christmas Agenda and trying not to panic... :)

Z said...

He is concerned about you too, Dave.

Mwah, LZM

It was lovely, Pat. Hard to come back to the freezing rain! Quite a few people were staying on over the winter - one chap will be 90 next week. His wife sounded like Gracie Fields (not that I heard her sing; the accent) and we called them Mr & Mrs Pernod.

Yes, WG. I'm going to start panicking tomorrow.

sablonneuse said...

Aham i must have missed the bit where you said you were going to Portugal but now the mystery's solved. Great to have you back but hope you had a lovely time.

Pat said...

Gracie was born and bred very close to Four D and me. She developed a sort of dual accent - strong Lancashire when she was being funny and mid-Atantic when she got famous. I used to be able to do a good impression of her singing before my voice packed up.