Sunday, 17 May 2009

Z cooks (but not for Monday lunch, which will be cheese again)

I described dinner to Ro - lamb, pot-roasted on a bed of tomato, onion, carrot and aubergine, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, cauliflower and his face brightened. "You'll miss us when you're gone" I said, "tee hee". He's a good cook, I know from his photos of the meals he cooked at university, but he's never cooked a meal for us in the four years he's been home again, I don't think. He helps me occasionally and, when I was away once and Dilly suggested everyone took it in turns to cook for everyone else, he co-ordinated the arrangements, which apparently let him off the hook.

I didn't go to the street market as I was looking after the children in the afternoon. The weather was windy and showery - bright sunshine interspersed with brief downpours of rain. Al was very busy apparently. Dilly was too - it's Maths GCSE time tomorrow and some last minute tutoring, frankly, is probably too late, so she spent her time consolidating things that were (or should be) known and raising confidence rather than trying to teach anything extra.

The weather forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday is sunny intervals - fine, but it all depends what comes in between. I suppose, unless Dave has a better guess now than I do, we'll have to wait for the morning and see how it looks. I've only got two spare mornings this coming week, and if it rains I can't put off my other engagements. Dave and I are both keen to get on, so we'll be disappointed if it does rain.

We also have to write up the catalogue for our next sale this week. Weeza is coming over again to help with this. She was here on Friday for the same purpose, but ended up looking after me as I languished on the sofa recovering from the vapours.


Dave said...

Clear blue sky here at the moment.

Z said...

Here too.

Good morning, Dave.

Dave said...

Good morning.

BBC website is giving dry all morning for Norfolk. Rain by tonight, and heavy rain tomorrow (especially in Norwich - take your umbrella) then showers for the rest of the week.

Rog said...

Can't you manage a decent triple layer sandwich for the bricklayer?

Sarah said...

I think you're making Dave undergo some hideous experiment ....along the lines of Pavlov.

Dandelion said...

Ghastly. I had a dose of what Dilly is doing last week. Ghastly.

Dave said...

'what Dilly is doing last week' Some kind of time-travel experiment?

Oh: last week, you had a dose of what Dilly is doing now?

Dave is not undergoing some hideous experiment - he's having fun.

Z said...

What Dave said. The Sage and I are having fun, too.