Wednesday 4 February 2009

Z's mood has lightened. What a difference a day (and half a bottle of wine) makes

The meeting went okay, the chairman turned up and we co-chaired it, partly because she hadn't been around much recently and also because she couldn't stay until the end. I've done no work this evening, to no one's surprise, but at least I've filled in the physiotherapist form (not psychotherapist, whatever Rog says. In fact, treat what he and Dave say with some suspicion. They aim to mislead, which is awfully good for the brain. Pathways and that sort of thing) and the Sage has delivered it. The local cottage hospital is awfully good. A friend of the Sage's is in there for a couple of weeks' respite care at present, so he's visiting every day.

Hoagy Carmichael tonight. I've appreciated him since I first saw 'To Have and Have Not' which remains a favourite film, largely for the pleasure of watching Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall fall in love and for her nervousness. And simply for watching Humphrey Bogart. Don't bother with the book, it's one of those occasions where the film is far better. Anyway, HC is singing his own songs. Another comfort CD for me, very relaxing.

Indeed, as you see, I'm calming down. Can't be agitated for long, though 3 days is more usual than 2. I hope my new CD turns up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

A word to the wise: Biscuits cure all ills.
Except obesity.

Z said...

I'm not putting on weight again, I'd rather be bad tempered. Don't tempt me. Though I ate a piece of Dandelion's chocolate cake.

Anonymous said...

Kit kats are my cure-all but I suspect wine has less calories (and the effect lasts longer) so I think I might switch

Eddie 2-Sox said...

I hope your hip isn't as fucked as you believe.

If not orienteering, there's an East Anglian blogger walk along the coast to be arranged. It would do us all good.

If you haven't listened to the new The View CD Z, don't bother.

Z said...

I've given up kit kats, but I'm not giving up wine. Not just to lose weight, at any rate!

It's not so bad really, Simon, I am wanting to get some advice on keeping it as long as possible and the Dr thinks seeing the physio would be a good idea. Moving about is good for me. So is just getting on with things. I mean, you can't give in, can you?