Sunday, 8 February 2009

Z looks forward to lunch

Today is the Sunday when I am sidesman for the 8 o'clock service. I was so convinced I'd oversleep that I hardly slept at all. From about 1 am for half an hour, then fitfully, waking every half hour for at least ten minutes from 4ish, having given up and read for a long time in between. So I'm more than usually stupid today and, on seeing people's bewildered faces, had to cast my mind through what I'd just and correct it.

Home from the second service - I know, it's because I'm a wicked person that once isn't enough - and we're just off for lunch with Weeza and family. Hooray!


The Preacherman said...

Caz does all that sort of stuff. She's on the Deanory Synod and the Church Perochial Council - haven't a clue meself...

I'm just a heathen ;-)

Dave said...

The lack of sleep probably explains the missing word in the final phrase of the first paragraph.

Mother of the bride said...

Wicked in the sense that teenagers use the word, I suspect. Not the other.
Daughter and family arriving tomorrow. Have just cleaned house and need a reward. Is it too early for a G and T?

Z said...

I've avoided the Deanery Synod so far. And one Christian in the family is quite enough I think.

I see what you mean, Dave. Shall we leave it as an example of what I'm telling you about.

MOTB, that's rather a lovely thing to say, thank you, but I'm bad to the bone I fear. G&T - carry on, practically 6 o'clock already. If you have one then I can too :-D