Thursday, 19 February 2009

Z plans to visit London

I've got to come up to town next week to take a look at my flat, where my tenant is still ignoring requests to pay the rent. The only day I can clear is Wednesday 25th. Before I book my ticket, which will commit me to times, is anyone free to meet me for a drink or a toddle round an exhibition or something? If I'm meeting someone it'll be worth a longer visit, but otherwise it'll just be a flying one.

Cheers, darlings.


Sir Bruin said...

I trust you will be taking a baseball bat with you? They usually help to make negotiations go your way.
Would love to take you up on your offer of a drink, a meal and a show but, unfortunately, I am at work.

Dandelion said...

I would love to, but I don't think I'll be free. That may change nearer the time as things evolve (depending if I meet a deadline early).

Z said...

I have to decide whether to leave at 4 o'clock or not until 7 or later, as rail fares in the meantime are silly expensive. Hm. Decision in the morning. No later or I won't even get those *relatively affordable* fares.

Bloody tenant. Why can't he be like the lovely bloke downstairs? I've a good mind to bandy his name about on the internet (but not before he's left without trashing the place).

Z said...

Sir B, I'm sure it'd all be tax-deductible.

Anonymous said...

Do they have rental management companies there? I have used one here and they are great for finding good tenants, doing repairs and making sure rent is paid. No 11pm calls to me about plumbing or electrical issues-all calls go to the management company.
Oooh, if I wasn't half a world away would love to meet you for lunch etc. next Wednesday.

Z said...

Well yes, at a price. It cost me the best part of £2,000 for them to find me the tenant and take up references and draw up a contract and they are pressing him for the owed rent. He has paid 6 weeks rent as a deposit and I suspect he's planning simply to waive that. He's not British and I also he'll just leave the country if I try to sue him in the Small Claims Court.

The agency will do the management if I pay them to do so (that's pretty expensive), but that doesn't mean they'll be able to ensure the rent is paid. He used a credit card but that's now out of date, and not from a British bank.

I'll send you a postcard if I go to a gallery!

The Allotment Blogger said...

Agh! I might be in london on Wednesday but it depends on somebody who isn't bothering to get back to me (bit like your tenant) so I can't say one way or the other. We could have gone to a gallery and got horticultural!