Saturday, 30 August 2008

Z mustn't sit down for long or she will fall asleep

I would like to put my feet up and have a little sleep. I didn't, much, last night for some reason - probably because I knew I was getting up early. I went up to wake the Sage just before 7 o'clock, but he didn't feel like rounding up a cattle at that time, so I went and read yesterday's paper for a while before going to the shop at 8.

Alice did well in her GCSEs, with A*s, As and Bs. So did her twin sister. I asked about the other twins, she said she knew one was pleased but hadn't seen the other (honestly, people can be a bit funny, if it were me I'd tell a friend how my sister had done - she must take after her father).

The day went fine, not wildly busy but we got a lot sold and I was glad, at 4 o'clock, to start to pack up after 8 hours on my feet - no coffee or lunch breaks, I eat and drink in between customers. Then, of course, a steady stream of people came in over the next 20 minutes, their requirements ranging from 1 banana to nearly £10-worth of fruit and veg. The Sage kindly came in to help me put away the shelving and after he'd gone I cashed up the takings. Usually we're open from 8.30 to 5.30 (though I get in early as I'm slower than Al at setting up) but we stay open until 7 of Fridays, closing early on Saturday to compensate.

My calves are tingling with achiness. I cycled home very slowly and plodded hobblingly into the house and drank a pint of water. I added ice cubes. I am a girl who knows how to have a good time. There had been a stall under the Buttercross (an ancient market place, it still has a market on Thursdays but the dome of the Buttercross itself houses a charity stall on Saturdays). I bought 4 children' books (the number refers to the volumes not the young people), two jigsaws and a fruit cake, for £4.90 and told them to keep the change. The lady's pleasure was way out of proportion to my gesture.

There were 3 punnets of raspberries left at the end of the day, so I have brought them home. Probably, we'll eat one today, one tomorrow and freeze one. I shall give some to the Sage with a piece of cake. He will be happy. He likes cake. I might eat some too. Or not. I'll have raspberries.

I will fall asleep if i sit here. I think I shall go and very slowly start to prepare dinner. Maybe a nice cup of tea while I'm doing so. After all, it's too early for wine.


Pat said...

Too early for wine? After a day like that?
Anyway you should have a good sleep if you can hold out until you get to bed that is.

Anonymous said...

I am learning so much from you Z, first I find out that it's chocolate that's making my trousers tight - now I find there's something called 'too early for wine'!!

Your blog is an education to me.

Z said...

Didn't the two of you notice my tongue right there in my cheek? Of course I had wine. And, later, cake.

I went bedwards at 9.30 though.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Parochial decadence at its best, as always.

Anonymous said...

What?! I just told Tom it was too early for wine!!! Better go and rectify that.

Anonymous said...

Never to early for wine, cake, chocolate, chips, pie, ice-cream, shall I go on? Could this have something to do with why I am the size I am?