Wednesday 24 October 2007

Z is prepared to be informative

Yes, well, we'll move on, shall we?

Tomorrow, there is a coffee morning for New Members. In previous years, the previous chairman gave a little talk, about the society and about the National Association of the societies. It seemed unreasonable to continue to ask her to give her time, so I'll be doing it.

Informal and spontaneous is how I'm described. A polite way of saying untidy and unprepared.

I rely on my hopeful smile, as ever. It's my trump card. I have a worried air and people genuinely don't like to upset me.

Squiffany suggested that one of her dolls might like to accompany me. It is a charming little rag doll in a green dress. Her name is Dolly. Squiffany has another doll, whose name is Dolly, and a third, which looks younger, which is named Baby. This seems perfectly appropriate. We have a few dozen bantams, all of which are called Girl until they have chicks, when they are called Mummy or Auntie, depending on whether the sitter actually laid the eggs. There is, of course, one male bird, who is named Cocky.

I took Dolly and her vacuous but good-natured smile rather won me over and I gave her a hug. I haven't brought her home with me though. After deliberation, it was thought that she might be nervous, away from home, and she is spending the night with Squiffany.

Do excuse a somewhat fluffy and flappy post, but I drank two glasses of wine which, after a couple of days of virtual abstinence, has rendered me skunklike.


Monozygote said...

Ooh, that sounds fun. I love doing talks.

I dread to think how you manage to keep track of who laid what eggs, and who's sitting on whose. Sounds like a logistical nightmare. I would just call them all Hennie or Chickie, I think.

dharmabum said...

spontaneity is a good thing, imho, and also quite rare. we're always, in worrying how we shall be perceived by others, consciously or unconsciously playing a very rehearsed part in this drama called life. what d'u think, z?

oh, and long time!

Dave said...

I wanted to say something about this, and the last post, but now I've started typing, the thought has completely evaporated. I don't even have drink as an excuse (nor, of course, extreme old age).

I'll blame it on stress. I'm currently reading through 175 job descriptions, in the hope (unrealised so far, and I'm up to no. 168) of finding one that matches me.

Z said...

I don't exactly 'do' talks. I just talk.

When a hen is discovered to be sitting on eggs or suddenly appears trailing a clutch of chicks, she (and they) are put into a coop of their own for safety.

Dharmabum, absolutely. I used to be too aware and concerned about people's opinions of me, now I've tipped slightly too far the other way. I am slightly concerned that I may be playing on the spontaneous and lighthearted image that I portray.

Oh Dave, I hope 173 or so comes up trumps. I do think it's an odd way of finding a job. Of course, there's also the dismal thought of 168 parishes looking at your CV and thinking 'hmm, perhaps not'.

I have a further bright side to my situation - when I get all tottery, everyone will kindly think it's my hip and not my state of drunkenness. It's all good, darling.

The Boy said...

Playing up the image, yes, I know that worry. Can be very hard to break out of when people have you in a nice understandeable box.

Trust you to find a bright side to painful hip.

Pat said...

Z your tears at the doc's are a perfectly normal reaction and they are therapeutic. Grieving has to be done - delayed or not. Re hip I suffer from arthritic thumbs and am happy to say that since MTL sent off to Healthy Direct for Omega Fish Oil 1,000mg and Glucosamine Sulphate 2KC 1,000mg the swelling has gone down and the pain virtually gone. Forgive me if this is old news but it really does work.

Z said...

I do acknowledge that I play on it - this, of course, reinforces my reputation for ingenuousness and honesty.

My entire family (apart from my sister, whom I haven't spoken to yet but will this evening) has been given the opportunity to be lovely to me. Absolutely nothing to complain about and, although briefly upset, I wasn't depressed by it.

Pat, it's all a bit complicated. My mother had a very good death, but a bad nine years before that. It was during that time that things got difficult. I briefly explained that to him, but it was a bit painful. I don't know if I'll ever write about it, not sure there's any point.

And thanks for the advice :-)

luckyzmom said...

Feeling better I hope.