Sunday 28 October 2007

Z is drinking water

Yes, it's worthy of remark. It's seven minutes past seven in the evening, and I have a pint glass in front of me, half full of water. I have drunk the other half already. Oh Lord, it's dull, being a Reformed Character.

One of the hymns I played this morning was dull, too. I've forgotten its name, but it was one of those modern ones that is mostly sung on one note. One holds it for five or six beats, then repeats it once or twice more before venturing slightly up or down. I said to Jo "That's a bit of a dirge, isn't it?". She was shocked and assured me that the words are beautiful. That might well be true, I hadn't looked at them, but the tune was dreary.

I went for lunch with a friend, who took me completely off guard. He asked me if I'd consider taking over from him as Lay Vice-chairman (the Rector is, automatically, the Chairman, but with six PCCs to consider, rarely takes the chair) of the PCC.

Now, I'd not be entirely surprised if, at some time in the future, someone else suggested it, but I hadn't expected this at all from him. However, you may remember that I took the minutes at the meeting last week, and also had several reports to give, both from me and on behalf of absentees. I took the opportunity of explaining the workings of the church Trust, because I had realised that most people were a bit hazy on it and I wanted (devious bastard that I am) to have an excuse to put a couple of things in writing. With all this talking, and sitting at the table next to the chairman, I confess I almost forgot I wasn't taking the meeting and had to pull myself up when I realised that.

The dear chap not only didn't resent that, but also sent me an email saying he thought I'd managed things well. And then, as I said, followed up by asking me to stand in his place when elections take place next spring.

I was, genuinely, charmed by the compliment. I know that, as matters stand, he wouldn't suggest it to anyone else and would rather stay on than risk anything going awry. Yet he also knows that I wouldn't be his 'voice'. A while ago, he wanted to change the wording, rather too much, of some minutes I had written and I gave him a full and frank opinion of quite a lot of what he said - although accepting the rest, for I am not at all pig-headed*. I also know that there is a slight feeling among some other people that it is about time for a change, and that in many ways I am an obvious choice.

So, in Jane Austenish fashion, I said that I was most sensible of the honour he did me, and asked for time to think about it. Which I'm doing now. And which will probably keep me awake tonight, because it doesn't take much, does it? One can go blithely to bed and to sleep and then, come three ay em, one is wide awake bothering one's pretty little head about things that will simply sort themselves out and are not that important anyway.

I haven't said anything to the Sage yet. He'll think I'm barking even to consider it. I have told him that I'm going to buy a bicycle though. I hate cycling. But the doctor is right and I am at all times a model patient.

*Oi! Shuddup, I'm not.


heybartender said...

Water, as they say, is a drink that you can trust. No one ever lost a tooth from rust.
I learnt that on Saturday morning cartoons years ago, and still have a bit of trouble putting it to practice. Now that you mention it, though...
Also, I had a bicycle once. Maybe I should try to track it down.

Z said...

Yes, but they also point out what fish do in it.

There is a nice little bicycle shop in Yagnub run by the son-in-law of friends of mine, or I wouldn't be considering this drastic purchase. I haven't owned a bicycle for many decades, though I used sometimes to ride one of the children's.

Monozygote said...

Water is my favourite drink. Unlike alcohol, it's difficult to drink much of if you're not thirsty though. It's not exactly what I'd call a recreational drink, and it doesn't afford much emotional satisfaction either. But oh, when you're thirsty there's nothing like a big drink of water to hit the spot. So clean, so pure, so satisfying.

Oh my god, d'you know what the word verification is? It's freaky is that....

Dave said...

Due to my kidneys I'm required to drink 3 litres of water a day. As Dandelion says, it's not much fun if you're not actually thirsty. Sparkling water adds a little excitement to the drink, without (I trust) any extra calories.

I really don't want to talk about taking on more chairing of meetings.

Z said...

Freaky it is, Dandelion. Almost worth switching it on for. And it has occurred to Blogger that it is mightily annoying to have to type in a wv for your own blog's comments, so you don't have to now. However, it'll go off today in the hope that the spammers are thwarted.

If I want a non-alcoholic cold drink, it'll be water. I find it hard to drink much of it, for the reason you both say. When I was a child we had our own well and the water was beautiful, so anything since doesn't really match up.

Dave, I think you should appoint a lay vice-chairman and use him or her. I hope your round of meetings is over for now. Seriously, I'd be planning how to do things differently in your next parish - going by the maxim that delegation strengthens people.

badgerdaddy said...

Is that the bike shop that's up at the other Post Office now? He's great, a completely lovely bloke and a pleasure to do business with.

I'd buy one from there, for sure. Just don't be tempted by those electric ones...

Z said...

That's right, BD. Fiona runs the Post Office there. Lovely family - it's her parents' bitch that we hoped was having puppies back in September.

I really badly want an electric invalid carriage - a nimcart - but I can't quite justify it. Yet.

The Boy said...

I have a bike. It sits in the garage and comes out twice a year when we take the kids cycling up the hill. I should get out on it more, I really should.

As for the chair thing, you should definately do it, but for a proscribed time and only if you give something else up. Its a job worth doing.

Z said...

Boy, I see how your mind works. If I had sounded as if I was feeling guilty that I wished to say no, you would have exhorted me to turn it down. But you realise that the odds are that I'll agree. So you encourage me, and suggest helpful limitations.

I'm not sure how you ever find time to cycle. But I have an immediate incentive and, with any luck, sheer bloody-mindedness will keep me going.