Monday 29 October 2007

Advice, anyone, please?

How do we know is asking for help with AdSense. Can anyone help her? I don't actually know what it is.

I'll be asking for some advice on my own account later, by the way.


The Boy said...

I'm not a coder any more so can't really help with how its screwed up her template.

Google ad sense is a money generator for those that use it, and to my mind rather evil.

What it does is read everything on the blog, then using key words chooses the most appropriate ads from its ad database. So, if you're doing a blog on beer, it will show an ad from Heinekin, for example.

The evilness is less from the display of appropriate ads, than from the way Google is using items like this to track whatever goes on in the internet. By putting this on your blog it lets Google keep track of ever reader, where they came from , where they go to. Many may also have the Google tool bar, in which case it knows exactly who they are.

I am not a fan of google.

Z said...

Oh right, now I know what you mean. There's a mobile phone company too that plans to scan your texts and send ads relating to them. Surely no one would sign up to that, even for cheaper calls, would they?

My own query is nothing like that, btw.

Z said...

what HDWK means, I mean.

Monozygote said...

Yeah, it screwed up my template too, which is why I jacked it off. Load of old rubbish.

You'd expect better from a bulti-billion-dollar company, wouldn't you? And you'd expect better integration with blogger, given that google owns it.

Didn't know about the tracking thing though - even if I were going to touch it with a bargepole again, I definitely won't after hearing that. Now what's all this about google toolbar?