Saturday 27 October 2007

Z is wasting time

The Sage has gone to get new tyres for his car. How sensible he is. I am pretending to work, as I have minutes of one meeting to write (largely from memory as I was talking too) and the agenda of another meeting to plan (which I do in some detail, for I am Efficient). However, I'm not getting much done. I write a few sentences, then read a blog or two, make another cup of tea, look at the paper, write a bit more...I'm wasting a sunny morning, to tell the truth.

This afternoon, I'm going to venture up the ladder to pick more apples, but I'll wait for someone to be here, just in case I plummet dismally to the ground. The forecast is none too splendid for tomorrow, with a high wind expected and, just in case it's accurate, I don't want all the apples to fall and be too bruised to keep.

Yesterday was Ro's last day in his job and he starts a new one in Norwich on Monday. There was the usual collection followed by a little gift-giving goodbye ceremony. The IT department is very small, just him and his immediate boss, but of course Ro has contact with all the office staff. His boss asked him, a couple of weeks ago, to choose a couple of possible presents and suggested a choice of values. Last Monday, he asked him to choose another. More than double the cost of the more expensive one had been given. Ro was very touched indeed. A couple of years in that job was enough, not because it wasn't a good place to work but because there wasn't any room for promotion or growth in it. He's going to have a much earlier start and finish, as he plans to take the bus and will have to walk or cycle to Yagnub, which is a little more than a mile (2 km) away and then have nearly an hour's journey to follow. At least he can relax and read on the way. And it will be cheaper than driving, quite apart from the parking fees.

The sun shining through the windows reminds me that they need to be washed. What a pity that this is no one's designated area of responsibility. Let's hope for some good driving rain to make them clean again.


Pat said...

YaaaaaayI'm first. Good luck with Ro's new job. I had a window cleaner recently so most of mine are cleaner out than in - to my shame - but I'm too knackered to care. Isn't it strange how one just collapses when everyone's gone.
BTW I wasn't preaching about bones etc, just yattering on.

Z said...

Oh, having people to stay is lovely but exhausting, and one can never have a solitary slump. And you clear one meal and start getting ready for the next!

No, of course, all good advice.

Regarding alcohol, if I decide to cut down further, my contingency plan is 2 glasses of champagne twice a week rather than 1 1/2 glasses of wine a night, which is roughly what I'm drinking now. If that doesn't do it, I'll cut it out altogether, but I'll be bad-tempered. In the days when I hardly drank, I'd notice I was getting more and more irritable, and then realise I hadn't had any alcohol for a week or so.

martin said...

I heard the other day that Sir John Mortimer starts the day at 7.30 with a glass of champagne. Now I could get used to that. Then a nice bowl of cornflakes.

When I need a healthy treat I have found a great marmite flavored rice cake to do the trick.

Z said...

Champagne for breakfast is a splendid idea, but it started the downfall of my grandmother...

I'll pass on the cornflakes, I can't eat cereal the moment it gets soggy, which is almost at once. The marmite rice cakes sound good though - I don't think I could take a marmite sandwich without butter, so I had ruled it out. Full of B vitamins! (and salt, but shhh). I could try one instead of dry toast for breakfast (this actually is my normal breakfast, I'm not being a martyr)

Sorry, Martin, I haven't replied to your email yet. I'll get on to it.

Dave said...

Looks like rain later.

Z said...

Hooray, Dave, I'll be able to see outside again.

luckyzmom said...

I miss the window washing team that came around regularly in our previous home. We live on a golf course now and their sprinklers spot up our windows when the wind blows, and it often does.

We all wouldn't have so much advice if we hadn't come to care about you so much:D

Z said...

You're all lovely xx