Monday 4 December 2006

Z is becoming a new woman

It's odd. 4th December and I've done quite half of the family Christmas present shopping. Both grandchildren, husband and two children pretty well sorted. Three children and one sister to go. This is unprecedented - added to my Extreme Accountancy of yesterday and I'm almost tempted to believe that I'm starting to become sensible. Surely not. It is not the way I want to be ... or maybe it is .... I don't know, it doesn't fit in with my mental image of the 'free child'*, who has no need to plan ahead because it's far more fun to wing it on the day; on the other hand December is a fearfully busy month, try as I do to catch up with things so that I can take time off with a clear conscience, fit in as many jollies as possible, fill remaining evenings with making up holly wreaths for Al to sell (this is my most hated job and I do it purely from selfless maternal duty) and help him in the shop as we near the Final Shopping Day as the week before Christmas is the busiest in the year for a greengrocer - and so, each year, I bemoan the fact that I still have all the shopping to do in mid-December. So, if I can keep this going, I will be pleased with myself, but I will feel as if a little bit of carefreeness has vanished from the Z personality.

I also, sensibly, took myself to the osteopath to get my hip ultrasounded. He was a bit surprised to see me as he said bursitis shouldn't really come back - I explained that it had never quite gone away as my patience did not return me enough times for a complete cure. Nevertheless, once it's better he intends to check that the joint is all right. Which it is. As long as I can still switch on the light, at shoulder level, with my foot (which I can, I just went to check), my joints are fine.

I also booked train tickets to London. I have been explaining the use of the Oyster card to the Sage, who is concerned that its intricacies might be beyond him, as he has to go on business (and also a bit of pleasure, as he bid successfully for a vesta (Victorian matchcase) at a London saleroom and he needs to pick it up) on Wednesday of next week - ooh, what will I do all by myself for a whole day? - and I am meeting my sister for a Day Out on the Saturday. This is probably not a good idea at all, because it will be vastly crowded, but we intend to do Cultural Things at museums and stuff, so maybe we'll be all right. A long and boozy lunch is indicated, for sure.

A meeting tomorrow morning, for which I have prepared rather less than half the things I promised. An evening's work ahead of me, I fear; or, rather, a night's, as I'm going out for a drink with a friend in a couple of hours.

*Those of you who actually know me are, I appreciate, laughing like drains right now. Look, I never quite got over 1969, all right? Not that I was ever a hippy.


badgerdaddy said...

You'd have made a good hippy.

Z said...

Hello, Badgerdaddy, good to hear from you. Did you know that the toyshop has moved to Earsham street and now there is a butcher under your flat. Nice bloke, he worked for JG for some years, though not recently.

Thank you for your comment, I have no idea whether that is a compliment or not...

And I'm glad you've restarted your blog.

y.Wendy.y said...

Darling..I am a *free child* and i missed the 60's..well I was born in the middle but missed the fun.. you just go with your flow and have fun and be all chilled and boozy and laid other way to get through December, really.

As for pressies..I swooped into town today, planning on buying some mayonnaise, toilet paper, ham and eggs...and came home laden with gifts....2 more to go..Mum and a friend who's coming for Christmas Lunch..and I am all done...well I only had to buy for 5 people. Still - I have done it.

Now tootle off and go to bed and bugger the spirits do it when they want.

Z said...

There's only one thing worse than staying up until the early hours working, and that's having to explain why you had a whole month to do it and, er, haven't. I'm afraid I was born grown-up. It's a total bugger, not being irresponsible, but also being dilatory and disorganised.

How great, to have done all your shopping. I remember an entirely disastrous General Election campaign when the (I think) Conservatives had as their slogan 'One Last Heave'. Vomit-making, and they lost. But that's about how it is with me now.

Except that I'll probably keep seeing things and buying them right until the last minute, because once the pressure is off, shopping for presents is fun.

Badgerdaddy is back and that has made my day! I like to keep my friends close (yeah, I know the other half of that saying, but I don't think I've got enemies).

badgerdaddy said...

Well, what a lovely welcome!

I knew about the toyshop - they opened there just before I went and I think the new shop looks amazing. And I knew about the butcher too - though he had only just signed the lease when I went (I'm on it as a witness!). Good spot for a butcher, that.

Nothing else exciting going on in Yagnub then? Give my love to Alex, and Suzanne on the corner by the way!

Z said...

The theatre is up and running, with a café & bar that seems to be doing well.
'They' have been arsing around like idiots replacing pavements for weeks, including taking up newly laid ones because they decided the kerbs weren't right, and now it seems it will be left unfinished because the District Council has run out of money. All wildly incompetent and entertaining.

Love to you too.

badgerdaddy said...

Yay for Waveney DC! Bunch of tools.

And of course take some love for yerself.