Sunday 10 December 2006

The family that drinks together links together

I rootled through the cupboard in search of a little something. I'd already eaten chocolate - it is Superb Chocolate and therefore limited to one piece per evening. I found some Cadbury's Snaps (chocolates shaped like tuile biscuits) and some jelly babies, but they are reserved for the PCC meeting on Tuesday. I wondered if I had any icecream, but I knew I did not.

I nearly gave up and made tea. But, after all, I found an unopened packet of Plain Chocolate Digestives. Hah! Unopened no longer!

The day started early, around midnight, when the Sage arrived home after a jolly evening out (without me, hmph) and I politely asked if he had called at the church to turn on the heating. Forgotten, he was apologetic and said he'd go and do it - I heard the faint reluctance and said I'd go. Brightening, he offered to accompany me. I pointed out - look, I was good-humoured, can you tell me you would have been? - that there wasn't a lot of point in both of us going and off I toddled with Tilly. There was a hard frost and I was very careful at the end of the road where a regular wintry entertainment is watching the pedestrians go feet in air and bum on ground.

Back in church at 7.30 to get ready for the 8 o'clock service; I am truly adorable (and if there is, after all, no heaven, I will be mightily pissed off - unless I find Belial in hell, as - according to Milton anyway - he is quite hot) for which there were only seven people, including me, the Rector and her husband.

Back again at 10.00 for the 11 o'clock service, when I was playing the organ - had I practised? Is it likely? I had by 10.30. And then, Sue taught me how to programme the boiler so that I don't have to go down at all hours in future, but can warm up the church for little children's events automatically. It is the Nativity Play on Wednesday evening.

I came home and completed making delicious soup which we had for lunch.

This afternoon, went to Norwich to see Casino Royale. On the way home, Ro and I debated whether Daniel Craig's eyes really are that blue. I, pathetically, want them to be; Ro thinks he may have been wearing contact lenses. Do you know?

We arrived home to find the Sage dishing up dinner. Well, not a bad day. We shared, the three of us, a bottle of wine. The Sage and Ro don't always drink wine - though never say no to champagne or similarly jolly fizz - so it always feels like a moment of togetherness.


Girlplustwo said...

i think they are indeed that blue.

have you seen layer cake? yum.

y.Wendy.y said...

4 people including you? I'd stop the early service...profit margin isn't worth it.

Z said...

Jen, I'm glad to hear it. Layer Cake will be, I think, required research to back up my case.

Wendz, 4 extras, 2 of whom come to no other service in this church during the month, as it's the only one where the 1662 Prayer Book is used. Usually the congregation creeps into double figures, but it was a very frosty morning.

How do we know said...

u make ur posts sound like warm fire on a really cold day.. something i crave so much! :-)

badgerdaddy said...

I'm not sure they're quite THAT blue, but they are pretty blue. I think they had been 'enhanced' for close-ups - contacts are too easy to spot, especially in a 10-foot high eye.
I really enjoyed that film... Violence with consequence, it worked for me.

And lots of stuff blew up. Bonus.

Z said...

Worked for me too, on several levels, BD.