Thursday 21 December 2006

Z catches up with the rest of the country

Today is the day that our Christmas tree will go up. Not for a few hours yet, first I have to make more wreaths and clear up afterwards. Then - and this is several days early - I might wrap some presents, simply because they are in bags behind the sofa and rather too accessible to an inquisitive toddler.

I saw Dilly running down the drive an hour ago. I assumed - correctly - that she was chasing Squiffany with the intention of strapping her in her car seat, so I put on my coat (my mother never did learn that it was not a bad idea to put on her coat before going out on a cold day, rather than getting thoroughly chilled and taking the next hour to warm up again) and hurried out. When she heard my voice, Squiffany called from the car "Hello Granny" - this is said with such charm, it melts me every time. I stayed with her while her mum went to fetch Pugsley. We chatted about her new gloves, each finger of which is a different colour. She correctly told me pink, green and orange, hesitated over yellow, got blue right, but I had to tell her purple*.

They will be back at about 4, so will come in to help do the tree then.

Tonight, we are going to a party with particularly darling friends; she is also cousin to the Sage. You might not be able to choose your relations, but if I could, I'd pick her.

So, I'm writing now in case I'm a bit incoherent later.

*yes, there is a logical explanation if you think about it.


Chairwoman of the bored said...

Apparently we're doing ours tomorrow. That means Katy and Little Brother do the work, and I direct and supervise from the chair.

The late Chairman had very specific Christmas rules. Christmas was not allowed to be mentioned (in his presence) before December 1st. Preparations were not to commence before December 10th. The tree went up on Christmas Eve.

Of course conversations and preparations took place before then, but he was not privy to them, which really annoyed him as he was left out of them, but being a man couldn't change his mind.

I allowed the tree thing, as I actually enjoy the tree far more if it's only there for a limited time.

Z said...

I'm with the Chairman emotionally, but not practically as it just can't be done, especially by people who work full time and just have evenings and weekends to do everything.

At least, once the decorations are up, most cleaning and dusting are necessarily put on hold for a few weeks.

Girlplustwo said...

i can't figure out the logical explanation. i am rather illogical i am afraid.

you must be such a lovely granny.

so lovely.

Z said...

Five colours for the fingers and thumb and one for the hand. Someone was bound to pick me up on it.