Monday 20 February 2006

sentimental reflections......

I don't think I've mentioned that my son and daughter-in-law live next door to us which works well in that Green Son can grow his veg in my kitchen garden - this is the theory, he doesn't really have time so I do most of the work; doesn't matter as I've always grown lots of veg and enjoy it. I don't really do flowers, being both practical and greedy I prefer a useful end result to my labours. Also, we're on hand for each other whenever needed, whilst having our own independent living space. It (the living cheek by jowl) is a sensible and useful idea that could fall apart badly if we didn't all get along. It makes me extremely happy that we do. D-i-l says she loves living here (and after all she could tactfully say nothing) and we certainly love having them and Grandbaby.

I've no idea how long the extended family thing will go on for, maybe it's partly that we all are mutually supportive but give each other space - not always an easy thing for a motherly type to do, but I need my own solitude and don't expect to see them every day, though there's always a welcome on both sides.

A fly in the ointment? Haven't found it so far. We must never take a relationship for granted, but then I always try to worry well ahead so that I can ward off forseeable problems.

It's so lucky that our two married offspring have both chosen partners that I can honestly say I love and truly feel are members of the family. In the space of a year we went from three Juniors to five. Great for a mother hen.

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