Friday 24 February 2006

An ordinary idyll

My vegetable seed order has arrived, what a pity it's far too cold to venture into the garden or even sow seeds in the greenhouses. I love growing plants from seed, much more satisfying than just buying them, but I'm something of a fair weather gardener nowadays. I assure myself that early sowing doesn't matter as the seedlings will be held back by the cold, leave it a few weeks and they will catch up.

I went to a Gardening Club talk with a BBC weatherman the other evening - a meteorologist rather than one of the ones who fancy themselves as tv presenters and think doing the weather report and sexing up the forecast so that you will be enthralled by their wit and lovely teeth is a good means to that end. Since there is nothing about a weather forecast that is interesting, it is incredibly soporific, all that happens is that I have stopped listening by the time they mention East Anglia and miss it again.
Anyway, he says that the cold weather in Siberia is driving migratory birds over here and sick birds could well land in this part of the country. Our bantams are not just kept for their eggs, they are pets and we are very fond of them so I am worried. We'd be really upset if a culling order went out, but that's the way the government went with BSE, swine fever and foot & mouth so, although it is universally agreed that it was the wrong way, there is no sign that they have learned any different.

I, with friend Al, had lunch with a visiting lecturer the other day. We had an enjoyable series of conversations and she was good company. She and I talked at times about our families - later I emailed Al to say I wondered if I'd overtalked mine, I said I know I make it sound idyllic (though I know it wouldn't be for everyone), but it is quite an ordinary idyll. He says that sounds like a book title.

I've been unpacking boxes of books and putting them on shelves. My son and wife have been storing them for me, but now they are expecting another baby they will need the room eventually. I spent nearly 2 hours on the job and was pleased with the result but there are still hundreds to go and Ive nearly run out of shelves. I have an idea for using the back of a deep alcove in the spare bedroom however so there's not too much danger of having to cull the book collection yet.

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