Friday 17 February 2006

Food and eating

What do you do when a volunteer repeatedly screws up and remains blithely unaware of it? A group of us meet for lunch once a month and we have to book numbers at the restaurant a couple of days in advance - this is her job. But she keeps getting the number wrong which means we have to pay the extra. We pay a small sub each year in addition to the lunch cost, mainly for an annual tip to the staff, but our reserves are being badly depleted. Five mistakes in two months is over £60 and she still doesn't get it and we're too polite to tell her - and she's our friend. Someone will have to bite the bullet, luckily it won't be me as I'm going to miss three months as I'll be babysitting.

I read in The Times about a website that suggests recipes according to what ingredients you have. So I checked it out. Well, it could be useful, but only if you have a piece of steak in the fridge and it doesn't occur to you to have steak for dinner. Or you have cheese - toasted cheese anyone? Grilled tomatoes/bacon/mushrooms? These are not recipes, they are what you cook when you don't need a recipe. I probed a little further by omitting all the most useful ingredients and did come up with a few basic ideas, but all in all, I think someone is joking just a little bit. It's if you care to look yourself.

Mind you, having been out for lunch and with an early dinner required as my husband had a meeting, we had baked potato and pizza. Hardly needed a recipe for that either - frozen pizza obviously. And only one between three of us which was why I did the potatoes too, lucky Atkins is so last year.

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