Thursday 24 January 2019

Z drops in again

A small hiatus on the front, darlings.  It's gone down and I have to get on to support.  Yeah.  I know.  I thought I was going to do it after dinner this evening and then we went out to the hen house because of my anxiety over rats - I'm not coming over all Room 101, this is perfectly reasonable of me - and now I don't feel like a conversation with a helpline.  I'll be in London tomorrow and so the odds are that I'll be hors de combat for a couple more days at least - or anyway, the Z part of me.  And then, I trust, all will be well and we can start talking about this year's blog party, if such a thing is destined to take place.  All is willing and able at this end, so it's up to you lovely people to come along and join us.


PixieMum said...

As you have noticed I’ve returned to Blogger, it’s not always easy, especially after I have posted a picture it is difficult to scroll back up. Seem to have lost most of my commentators and indeed readers.

Life here revolves around keeping warm, making marmalade and a Crochet Along project, the latter is addictive, just a few more stitches so domestic duties have to wait.

Hope you and Tim are well.


Z said...

I don’t think I’ll return here now I’ve got the other website set up, but it’s useful to have both. However, whilst this one’s archives are backed up on the other one, it isn’t backed up anywhere and I’d be sorry to lose it. And no, not many of us get lots of comments nowadays. I go to the computer much more rarely and just don’t find the mobile app for Feedly is very convenient, so I read blogs less regularly, though I always catch up.

I only arranged to e in Islington today at lunchtime yesterday and am catching the 4 o’clock back. Hope you have more notice and see you before long though.

Blue Witch said...

When all else fails, back to the past usually triumphs.