Sunday, 31 December 2017

Z drops in

A friend, John of PubLog - which he has let fallow for some time - thought he might start blogging again, but he hasn't been able to sign in to it.  So I thought I might check out this one.  It recognised me through my Google account, but it's taken me several minutes to work out how to write a new post.

I have never stopped blogging, of course, but I do it elsewhere now.  Same name, Razorblade of Life, but it's nowadays, as it has been for a few years.

In the time since I left blogger, a lot has changed in my life.  But I'm still here.


Ms Scarlet said...

Yay!! Going back to Blogger after WordPress is a strange and clunky experience!
Happy New Year, Zoe!!

DUTA said...

Good to hear from you!
Happy 2018 to you and yours!

Z said...

Yes, I'm having to work out how to do anything at all. John has managed to resuscitate his Wordpress account, so is up and running again. Happy New Year, darling xxxxx

Z said...

Hello Duta - I've never stopped blogging but hardly ever post here any more. I turned off comments for that reason, but it occurred to me that I might be losing touch with old friends - and you've just shown that I was right. Happy 2018 to you too!