Friday, 2 August 2013


Roses came over today for lunch, though we didn't eat it until late, what with one thing and another.  We drank wine, made a bonfire and walked the dogs.  And talked, of course.

Tail end of the bonfire.
Ben and Rupert.  And Roses.

And my contact lens has gone to the back of my eye again.  I was just putting it in this morning when Russell sharply told Rupert to stop (chewing Ben's cuddly bone).  I looked up and it vanished.  I'm a bit fed up.  It took several days, last time, to re-emerge.  It seems to do no harm, it's just uncomfortable and I will have to wear glasses, which is a nuisance.  I hate the barrier that glasses give when I'm talking to someone and I can't read or do anything much except see with my distance glasses on, so have to keep putting them on and off.  


LẌ said...

"Ben and Rupert. And Roses."

I was alarmed as I read that as the caption to the first pix. Sorry.

Z said...

Oh, Mac, eek! Hope you're having a good time in Scotland.

Blue Witch said...

Have you discussed your contact lens problems with your optometrist? I've worn lenses for 36 years and I've never yet had a lens I can't get out when it's slipped off.

Perhaps they need to change the fitting/size/type you wear?

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Z! Those pooches look like they're having the time of their life! Can you negotiate timeshare for Rupert? =) Indigo x

haricot said...

I like your photos of dogs. They are so alive. I'm so sorry to hear your problem with your eyes again.

Z said...

Maybe, BW - it has happened several times in the past year or so, extremely rarely before that. I did have a contact lens check a few months ago, though.

They're having a brilliant time together, I'm afraid Ben will really miss Rupert when he leaves. Yes, maybe he can come and visit more often.

Thank you, Haricot, the lens came out at 1.20 this morning- I was still awake and was able to remove it and put it in its pot of cleanser. It's fine today.
And the dogs are full of energy, but of course they are very young, Rupert is not yet a year old and Ben is just two.

Vicus Scurra said...

I have spotted an ambiguity, missus.
You wrote:
"I was just putting it in this morning when Russell sharply told Rupert to stop (chewing Ben's cuddly bone). I looked up and it vanished. I'm a bit fed up. It took several days, last time, to re-emerge.It seems to do no harm, it's just uncomfortable"
Do you see why I was confused?

Z said...

Oh Vicus, I'm so glad to have you to put me right. It was the contact lens that vanished behind my eyeball. The cuddly bone has vanished too, but only because we put it away, I'll mend it and give it back to Ben once Rupert has left.

You should see the confusion spreading over people's faces when I talk to them, too. I'm no less incomprehensible in person. Especially since I do a fine line in double negatives.

Roses said...

Hey honey!

The weekend was all go-go-go and I didn't have a chance to say:

Thank you so much!

I had a lovely day and you are a Star letting me burn my history in your back garden.