Sunday, 6 June 2010

Gloat. Of course.

Ooh dear, this is turning into a habit.  I wake too early, the Sage wakes because I do, snuggles up and goes to sleep, and I lie there until it's getting-up time and then have a nice little nap anyway, putting me behindhand for the rest of the day.

It'll have to stop now though, I've got a busy week on.

Today, we went over to see Weeza.  Well, first, I'd played the music in church.  I received the hymns after I'd been down to the church yesterday to do the flowers, so couldn't be arsed to go back and practise - I mean, darlings, one can lose freshness so easily by over-practising, don't you think?  The fact that I didn't actually know two of the hymns is neither here nor there.  I bluff, I bluff, hear me.

*now trying to remember what the original was.  I know what it's from, of course, but what the second (and fourth, in repeat) word is, I can't think.  If I can by the time I finish, I shall mention it of course.  As ever, CBATG.

Apart from repeatedly playing C sharp in one place in each verse, when the key was G, it was fine.  I nearly had a small hiccup when, finishing the final verse of the final hymn with a flourish, I suddenly noticed another 'final final' verse on the next page.  I noticed it in time not to miss it, fortunately.

Phil was doing a hundred mile bike ride today, the Norwich 100, which starts from the Cathedral, goes up through mid-Norfolk to Sheringham (buggering up the traffic in Cromer en route) and then returning by the coast road.  He did it in just over 7 hours, about 6 1/2 without the compulsory lunchtime stop.  Good job it wasn't yesterday, when it was boiling hot.  He phoned from the Cathedral when he got back (only another 4 miles uphill to go, to be home) to suggest meeting at the pub for a Broadside.  I took photos.

Yay, photos.  Obviously, not all of them are here.  Most had faces in.
Afterwards, they walked home and we left to drive home.  Phil said that there had been torrential rain for a while - he didn't have time to get on a coat and overshoes and, while waiting to be checked in at the Cathedral, he'd taken off his shoes and wrung rainwater out of his socks!  Mind you, he was quite sweaty too, as I found when I kissed him hello.  It didn't seem quite polite to wipe my face, so I just had to be careful not to lick my lips - it's not within the bounds of propriety to taste a son-in-law's sweat.

The good thing for me was that I was very comfortable walking a quarter of a mile or so in 3 inch *approx - the height of the length of my middle finger) heels. I'm so sorry, darlings, if I'd known I was going to take my photo I'd have had a pedicure first.


Gledwood said...

100 miles!!



Is the man a massochist?

Very well done though!!


Dave said...

Will your busy week preclude bricklaying (assuming the Sage plans to allow you to start, that is)?

Z said...

I don't know, Gledwood, but I think he's barking mad. Good lad though.

How are you fixed for Wednesday and Thursday, Dave?

Roses said...

I can understand snuggling down and going back to sleep. Sounds cosy. A good way to start the day.

Love the colour of your polish. And well done to Phil for the 100 miles bike ride. The nutter.

Rog said...

Yay Phil! My 50 miles a day starts to sound a little tame. It did go over the Pennines though....

martina said...

Good work Phil!
The shoes look very pretty Z. It must feel like a treat to be able to wear heels again without having the hip pain.

lom said...

nice shoes Z

Dave said...

Free every day. Morning or afternoon. Not sure about weather though.

Roses said...

The weather report looks wet, wet, grey and damp for this week.

Christopher said...

Ah, those C sharps. The ones that your middle finger automatically reaches for whatever the key. The ones that lend a mysterious air of obscurity to posts otherwise exemplary clarity. Was the hymn 'For all the saints'?

Z said...

A good way to not get a lot done that day, too!

He cycles 15 or so miles a day as part of his commute. He's been getting off the train a stop early several days a week and doing an extra 10 miles as training, plus a longer ride at weekends.

We don't underestimate your achievement, Rog!

One is never sure about weather, is one?

Ah those interminable verses of 'For all the saints'. No, it was one of the ones I didn't know (and can't remember the name of right now).

It's nice to be able to wear whatever shoes I want, flat, high or in between!

Anonymous said...

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