Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bringing on the wall, Day 37 - and a bantam moves in

I left the gentlemen to it today, just providing tea, the occasional encouragement and lunch at the end.  Yay, sausages.  Aren't sausages the finest of foods?  (For vegetarians, read Glamorgan sausages or tofu sausages or whatever Linda Mac provided as a meat substitute).

Knowing that Dave doesn't really do green, I served tomatoes and carrots (no chips, sadly) but he ignored the latter.  Emboldened by this, so did the Sage.  Wonderful as he was during my convalescence, I did yearn for more vegetables.  He actually likes veg, but I suspect he doesn't think they are quite manly.

Anyway, nothing spectacular is happening to the wall at present, but excellent progress is being made all the same, because it's the finishing-off stage.
Pugsley laid a tile (the behatted Sage is just behind it).
This section of the wall is now complete.  Tomorrow, we hope that the wall will be finished up to the corner.
This afternoon, as it was warm - it was supposed to rain this afternoon, but I was not surprised when it didn't - I left the door open.  I heard an amount of banging about in the porch and, suspecting bantam activity, picked up my camera and went to look.  There was our oldest girl, having decided she'd gone far enough, about to leave.
Later, I heard sounds in the passageway.  She had clucked* up more courage and come indoors and was checking out the kitchen.  She strolled out eventually.  I'd taken the precaution of shutting the drawing room door, Tilly would have been affronted.  She wouldn't have done anything, but she would have been very put out.

*see what I did there?
By the way, for those of you who think we've been mean, shooting a rabbit, a picture of a flageolet bean that it didn't eat, and one of two that it did.

Today's app (these are not necessarily only just downloaded, just things I use/play regularly) is Bottle Hunt.  Keep on the sound effects, the sound of breaking glass adds to the pleasure - it's not a game to take seriously, just to enjoy for a few minutes at a time, and you may want to turn up the brightness.   I've cleared the scores several times and am working on full marks (breaking every bottle) on every round. And it's another free one.  I actually spend very little on apps, and always try free versions of games if they're available - and if they're not, I generally don't bother.


Christopher said...

This really is getting to be a very handsome wall. I do hope you're not going to let ivy or Virginia creeper grow up it. Not just yet, anyway.

Clucked up more courage indeed.

Lois Lindemann (three-legged-cat) said...

The wall is looking rather fantastic.

Mr TLC would agree with you about sausages, he loves them. Can't see it myself, I prefer to just stick with the 'and mash' when Mr TLC has sausages for tea. 'And mash' with onions and gravy is rather splendid actually.

Z said...

In due course, an elegant clematis or rose might be permitted, and on the veg garden side there may be some fruit trees, but it will not be covered, I promise.

She is our noisiest chicken.

Well, Lois, I won't say they're my favourite food actually, I got overcome by enthusiasm - but I like a sausage if it's made by a good butcher.

Gledwood said...

That's a pretty amazing wall... I know I ought to know this bc I'm sure you said, but he is a professional builder, right?

Cluckin' up courage: love it

(that one gets another coo from Flapper)

Dave said...

'professional builder'!!

*Falls off scaffolding*

At least the top of the wall now looks nearly level, distracting the eye from what has gone on below.

lom said...

Can't wait to see it all finished and planted out

Z said...

I think you've made Dave's day, Gledwood.

Dave, the Sage and I are building the wall together (the capping really needs to be done by one person as we'll end up with different levels if we each start from a different end) and, though Dave has some previous experience, we're all just doing this for fun.

Nor can I, Helen. Weather overcast right now, we're watching the sky anxiously.

Dave said...

The sun has just come out here. I think it will be a good day for bricklaying.

Scarlet Blue said...

The wall looks very grand indeed!
I used to have a bantam hen. Just the one.

Pat said...

The wall looks magnificent. What an achievement.

Rate My Sausage said...


Blue Witch said...

Re: carrots: I think The Sage was just being Queen Victoria polite to his lunch guest - wasn't it she, who, seeing one of her guests from Foreign drink from a provided finger bowl, picked hers up and did likewise?

Linda Mc sausages are the most disgusting thing ever - if you ever have cuase to need to buy veggie sausages, the Cauldron range ones are the only ones I'd recommend bothering with.

And, your entrance tiling has just given me a great idea for my next fabric project, thanks.

Z said...

More photos to come, looking better than ever.

You're both kind and tactful, BW.

I was being a bit sarcastic about Linda, I confess - I've never tried them but haven't heard good reports. In fact, I'd rather have a proper vegetarian dish than ersatz meat, whether home-made or bought-in.

Z said...

Oh, and Flapper would find plenty of cousins here, Gled. Pigeons and doves.

heybartender said...

I hope you at least ate the rabbit?

The b.h. made sausage at the house the other day, from a pork shoulder we bought at the grocery. Not that I will be eating any, of course, but I can appreciate sausages.

Z said...

Only half grown, no meat on it. It was buried.

No question of my vegetarian (or changing religion) when pork and its products smell so good cooking. Many a vegetarian has been tempted by bacon and sausage.

Gledwood said...

Made his day..?! Wow!!
I wasn't trying to be slimy, honestly I really wasn't; I really did think he was professional.
You probably are immune to this, considering it's in your own back garden, and I don't know v much about walls, but as walls go that really is quite something ;-)...

luckyzmom said...