Saturday, 14 March 2009

Z is going to sleep

I'm tired today. I suspect that the afternoon will not be complete without a little cuddle on the sofa with Tilly - something bound to send me to sleep. I've been out on my bike today, so need have no guilt about it. Not that I would anyway of course. I only feel guilty, normally, if I've got a reason to be and if laziness doesn't worry me then there's no reason for tiredness to.

I've just realised that I'm playing the organ, being sidesman and doing coffee tomorrow. That'll be interesting. It wasn't planned that way of course, I'm helping out friends. Fortunately, I took several packets of biscuits down last week so all I'll need is a pint of milk.

I went to the physiotherapist this morning and we agreed that I probably don't need to go again. He's given me some tips on how to relieve sciatica if it occurs again, which I suspect it will. Mind you, I've forgotten one of the exercises already. I can probably look it up on the internet. I learn by reading or doing, not by hearing or seeing.


Dave said...

I'm sure some church supplier is even now producing an organ that also pours a cup of coffee if you pull out the right stop.

Z said...

What, have a little queue at the organ stool - what a splendid idea. I have been known to take a mug of coffee along with me to drink during the sermon.