Saturday, 28 June 2008

Z receives her comeuppance

You may remember, a while ago, Al was quite embarrassed when a fellow-businessman in the town mentioned that he had read this blog and recognised who we were. Al denied knowing about the blog at all, which was not exactly strictly accurate and something equivalent to sticking your fingers in your ears and going 'lalala' to avoid hearing unwelcome news. He was a bit iffy about it, but I refused to give in and stop blogging.

As you know, if you've read back a bit, he has started his own blog now (hah!) about being a newbie beekeeper. I found yesterday, when I went in to man the shop so he could go to his daughter's sports day (poor kid's only 3, really, these schools, prompted by our control-freak government, don't half push the little children in their care), that he had a poster on his wall, with a splendid photo of massed bees, giving the web address of his bee blog. The one on which I've left comments. He has had his revenge and outed me in his turn.

Oh well. Hello, folks. You're more than welcome to tell me who you are.


girl with the mask said...

My name is girlwiththemask and I cannot eat one piece of chocolate in a sitting- I have to have the whole bar. I am not proud and want to get better.

Gordie said...

Didn't St Paul write an epistle to the massed bees?

My name is gordie and I am not rich or famous yet. I seek out women with character and subtlety, and when I find them, I encourage them.

Id Entity said...

D'you think you're a bit like that woman in the Guardian, who wrote a column about her teenage children for years, and everyone knew about it but them?

Id Entity said...

ps, when you're three, it's important to be allowed to join in. I hope she enjoyed herself.

luckyzmom said...

I am luckyzmom and I am connected to all of you.

ziggi said...

I'm ziggi and I cannot cook but I keep trying. My family are right behind me in encouraging me to quit but I haven't yet found the strength to give up.

Dave said...

I am Dave. I was about to write something terribly gushing, but have changed my mind, for fear of disturbing all concerned.

heybartender said...

I am hey bartender. I will not be rushing into the greengrocer's to scold you anytime soon. But someday, perhaps. Welcome, Yagnub shoppers! Come on in. The water's fine!

P.S. Ziggi: Try

Z, I fear you are going to have autograph seekers now. Please try not to let the fame go to your head, and remember the little people, etc. etc.

Z said...

Well, how lovely you all are. Thank you - and thank you, also, the 40 or so others who have visited and not left a comment, because of course you are all welcome.

My whole family have known about the blog almost from the start. Only my daughter and sister read it with any regularity - but then they're also the ones who see me least and like to know what I'm doing.

Squiffany didn't enjoy the sports day part of the afternoon, she wanted her mother to run the races with her. She liked the fĂȘte part that followed, though. It's just so organised and regulated, and I think they're so young and they will have sports days (which quite half of them will hate) for years to come. It's the same as the uniform.

We'll share your chocolate, girlwiththemask, and then everyone will be very happy.

Gordie, some women need little encouragement.

Id - oh, I've replied to you. LZM - group hug?

Ziggi, I'd use any excuse to give up cooking if only anyone else would do it for me.

Dave, stiff upper lip, there's a good chap.

Bartender, hey! - I'll never forget my roots, and I'll never cease to be grateful to you for introducing me to Okkervil River, even if I never get to hear them live.

sablonneuse said...

I don't you've ever said anything to offend anyone on your blog, z, so surely you needn't worry if you've been outed.
As far as I know (fingers crossed)Bear and Whale don't know about my blog - but the children and lots of friends do.

Z said...

Sandy, when Badgerdaddy left a comment asking if I lived in Yagnub, when the blog was a few months old, I decided never to say anything that I'd be ashamed for the person it was about to read. I'll have a bit of a moan sometimes, but not be offensive.

Alan said...

Having been outed once before, I managed to regain my annonimity (I think), either that or I am now being truly stalked!

Z said...

I was quite spooked the first time I found someone recognised me from the blog, but I came to terms with it. I don't think, if someone knows me, that it's polite to read it regularly without telling me though. That no one local has (one person told Al, which is fine) either means they don't read it or they do but don't say so and I don't know which.

Anonymous said...

Z, speaking of reading blogs, could you do me favour and check if my 1st July entry had been published by blogspot/go!ogle.

Have a wonderful weekend and beyond