Sunday, 22 June 2008

If a picture paints a thousand words, then it's no wonder this house has a lot of bookcases, because Z can write and read, but is no artist

I should be working. I've been reading blogs. I'm sorry if I haven't visited you recently, or if it's been a flying visit with no comment, but I've not got much time at the moment - I've still got three days' newspapers to catch up on, apart from the work (did I mention that I've got to finish some tonight?)

Having said that, as priorities go, all is fine. I spent the day with Phil and his dad Dave (have you noticed that almost everyone is called Dave?) painting the house. It would have gone easier if the room designated for the baby had not been painted a quite intrusive shade of blue, rather dominating a small room. So far, it's had 5 coats of white paint and is down to ice-blue. Two or three more coats and it may lose the bluety. Ironically, Weeza and Phil's room has been painted en elegant grey-blue.

Dave had to leave at 6 pm for the 4-hour drive home, ready to be up at 6 for work the next morning. I carried on an extra hour and recommended to Phil that he call it a day too. One has to pace oneself. I'll go back tomorrow morning and we'll see how much more we can get done. 3 bedrooms, bathroom, landing stairs and hall, sitting room, dining room, kitchen. Doable in 4 days, if not for this wretched blue bedroom. I hope we'll get the second coat of the hall etc, plus the living and dining rooms done tomorrow, then (apart from at least 2 more goes at baby's room), only the bathroom and kitchen to do. Phil also wants to mow the grass with his new lawnmower. I expect he'll have done that this evening.


Anonymous said...

you sound like you have far more important things than replying to blogs, real life take precedent

Dave said...

It's such a warm, friendly name, I'm surprised everyone isn't called Dave.

Z said...

Painted from 8.30 to 5, all going well.

Dave is a splendid name and one of my favourites. It was my grandfather's name, too, as well as that of several friends, including at least three bloggers.

I didn't call one of my sons David because it's the Sage's cousin's name and he lives locally and it would have confused people - just in case you were wondering. Although if everyone were called Dav, I suppose that wouldn't matter.