Monday, 5 May 2008

Z sleeps

Oh, dear. Old age has surely arrived when a Bank Holiday gives an excuse for an afternoon nap. Is it worth giving an excuse? I had been out in the hot sun and we're not used to much heat at this time of the year. More than two hours of sunshine exhausts us.

Worse, it was more than the 10-minute catnap that refreshes without taking time out of the day. I had my head down for the best part of an hour and a half. When I woke up, Ro was still working on his computer - the frightening thing is that he was actually working; day job sort of thing. Not work that he would have been doing in the office, but improving his website-writing technique. Actually, he's been spending a fair bit of the weekend working on a website for his brother - Al, who was so sniffy about my blog a couple of weeks ago, has decided to go public for the sake of greenness. I'll put up a link when the website is up and then both my sons will be outed. After all the lengths I've gone to, to keep their identities private. Hah!

Still well behind with the veg garden. I can't plant anything out unless it's netted, and I haven't enough netting. It's been too hot to work in the greenhouse, so I didn't do any work there until 6.30 this evening. The Sage, darling man, took care of dinner and brought me chilled wine, which has upped his Merit score considerably. When he reaches the end of the column, he will receive his due reward. He's quite excited already.

The good news is that I've finally caught up on the 1000-plus posts waiting for me when I came home with my new computer a week ago. You will have my full attention from now on.

I've finished the first book of the Book Binge month. It was a re-read, actually, but I haven't read it for almost forty years. Bury me in my Boots, by Sally Trench, made quite an impression on me when I read it in the late '60s. In her teens, she decided to live and work among down-and-outs in London and did so by simply joining them, in the first place. When I was a teenager, beggars simply did not exist outside London and other large cities and, although I was certainly aware of drop-outs, I hadn't, at the age of fifteen, ever met any. Sally was and is a remarkable woman and this is still a powerful, although enigmatic (for she doesn't tell you anything about the other side of her life), book, with a shocking and dramatic ending.

Oh, update (10 pm) TV continuity announcer "is your sexual behaviour normal?" I, who was innocently waiting to watch QI, said "Ew!", startled. Ro said "But this is the BBC, isn't it?" indignantly.


Yoga Gal said...

Love naps! Remember when you were a little kid and your mother told you to take a nap and you saw it a torture now I would love it if I was given premission to take a nap! It's not old age it's just we need some down time.

Weeza said...

Poor Al, outed - perhaps time for an archive of old posts?

With a different surname and not living in the same town there's less impact for me, but it's a strange feeling not knowing who's read what.

What have your esteemed blog-friends done with their families in this situation?

PI said...

Half an hour a day suits me. You have your clues missus!

The Boy said...

I'm not a regular nap taker, but there's nothing like the odd one to feel lazy and recuperated.

Malc said...

Nothing wrong with a nap - even one that lasts an hour-and-a-half. Nature's way of telling you you're tired.

Z said...

I've been tired since returning home from Madrid - it was a strenuous few days and I've been busy since; and the nights have been warm which means I don't sleep as well as usual. Still, an hour and a half! No nap today, however.

Weeza, it varies - few of them give their partner's or children's real names, some of them talk about them and others not - some people don't tell their families that they have a blog and some let all their friends know too. I'm very careful not to identify you at all - for example, I don't say which area of London you work in, nor your job.

Weeza said...

Probs a very good thing while I'm working - dooced by the hand of another ;-x

luckyzmom said...

and your sexual behavior normal by BBC standards?

Z said...

Ooh, Weeza, and if anyone would get the book deal, it would be ME!

LZM - ha ha - probably too boringly normal for the BBC to be interested in!