Sunday, 18 May 2008

It gets better...

..."Oh!" said the Sage. "I forgot to pick some asparagus. Is it too late?" "Not if you run" I replied. "I'll run!" he said.

That's what he's doing Right Now.

I've just put some photos on the computer. I'll show them to you later.

Baksun*, darlings.

*Hope I've spelled that right.

I'm back, with photos of what I saw in the garden this afternoon

Feeling cheerful because the sun was shining, I went out with my camera. Tilly was trotting across the field, quite some way away. She looked at me and started to trot in my direction. I could see the moment that she was sure it was me, because her ears changed shape and she started to run. When she reached the fence, she lay down. I love the buttercups on the meadow too. It's ancient grassland and, although we take out nettles, thistles and ragwort, it's fertilised only by the cows who graze in the summer and kept as natural as it can be.

Wisteria on the house. The photo's rather dark; it looks better enlarged


Lilac, which is actually lilac, not white. Photography isn't my strong suit

The wall will be built one day

I like wild flowers too



The first globe artichoke

The stream separates the garden from the other meadow

May - hawthorn, if you prefer

Friend of Gustav (no need to explain, you all read Greavsie). I don't remember ever seeing him before; he was contemplating life the other side of the fig tree


luckyzmom said...

That would be great to be able to run out to pick asparagus. I miss having a vegie garden. Enjoy!

Dandelion said...

Oh, men are so confusing...

The Preacherman said...

I think I'll post my garden. Dunno what the fuck's goin on. I just chop stuff up and then let nature take its course.

Like my garden I do. Lots of quiet bits to smoke and chill.

Z said...

Dinner was nearly ready, Dandelion. But we waited a few minutes for the asparagus.

Some years, I can't be arsed to weed the flower garden at all. It's all completely undisciplined. I love flowers, but I expect them to look after themselves as I haven't time to look after them as well as the vegetables.

Yes please, Manic, I like pictures. Is the satellite dish still in next door's garden?

Gordie said...

I believe AA Milne's spelling was "bisy backson". I never cared much for weeding (or men).

dharmabum said...

i am in love with tilly. and you have a beautiful garden, and an even more beautiful way of looking at things.

as always, i go back with a pleasant feeling. thank you!

Dave said...

Thank you for posting pictures of Tilly.

I intend, when I move, to regularly publish photos of my garden, as I make it mine.

Anonymous said...

Photos of Tilly have brightened my morning - cheers ma!

Z said...

Thanks, Gordie. I do like it when someone spots a reference, even if I've got it wrong. It's a wavelength thing.

I've added most of the photos to my desktop picture folder - it changes randomly every five minutes. It'll make me think of the spring for the rest of the year.

See you on Saturday, Weeza!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh the wisteria looks heavenly
how awesome!!

Z said...

Welcome, Deena - it was the photos of your lilac that prompted me to take a stroll round the garden.

The wisteria has been there for many years, but it's been cut almost to the ground a couple of times.

Laura Jane Williams said...

That Wisteria looks divine...

Z said...

If there's a hard frost in late April, we don't get any flowers, but we've been lucky the last couple of years. I love to let it ramble over the house, but I suppose the tendrils will get under the tiles.

Unknown said...

That's one hell of a wisteria! Puts ours to shame! Great pics.

luckyzmom said...

No wonder you're so bright and cheery most of the time. Sigh. Thanks for sharing.

Z said...

It's older than yours, I should think, John. Hell, it's even older than I am!

LZM - true, I live in Paradise.