Saturday 12 January 2008

Z plans two days ahead!!(!)

I've spent the last half-hour lying in a hot bath. No one, surely, can claim that a shower is as relaxing and soothing as a bath. I suspect that showers only started to become really popular once people heated their bathrooms and, of course, we are resolutely old-fashioned and do not. Though a concession to decadence caused us to install a heated towel rail.

It's the early service tomorrow, so I'll have to get up in time to arrive at church by 7.30 to set things up. Then, if it isn't raining (I don't feel quite that stalwart right now), bike in for the paper, home for breakfast and then back to church to practise playing hymns for the 11 o'clock service. I say practise - in one case, learn also. After that, a meeting of the Admin group. I've just drafted a brief agenda - it is sketchy enough to include, as Item 6, "whatever I've forgotten to put down". Whatever I have, I hope I will remember, or I'll have to call another meeting. I have offered to take along a bottle of wine, as reward for our dutiful attendance.

In the afternoon - - - whatever I want.

In the evening, write up accounts from today (I had Important Things to do so didn't take time on that) and work out the order for Monday.

Monday will be my last day at the shop, and I won't have to be there all the time, as Tim stays until 4.30. I am planning to go out for lunch, and then go to help out at a music lesson at the high school before going back to work out the next day's order, close the shop and ... go home and relax. And greet my grandbabies.


Ivy said...

Did someone once say that Sunday was a day of rest?..... wonder who for?!

heybartender said...

I remember baths. But they were long ago in a drought-free world. No such luck nowadays. We only have a shower stall anyway, but still... I'm envious.
And looking forward to reading about "whatever I want" time. Have fun!

Dave said...

I saw a modern eco-house described yesterday, which had two shower rooms, but no bath. I would find it hard to enjoy life without my bath.

Z said...

Not that we're bitter or anything, Ivy ;-)

Julie, it could well be the joys of cleaning the kitchen and doing paperwork, things sadly neglected in the past week. I'll probably spend an hour slumped over the newspaper, though.

And my seed order arrived during the week, I'll open that.

Dave, I agree. A bath is one of the great pleasures of life.

Anonymous said...

Definitely, a bath is more relaxing but, unfortunately more difficult to get in and out of with a dodgy knee. However, our shower has water outlets at the sides (I hate being drenched from above) so I'm more than happy to forego the pleasure of lying back in a bath. Also, it's quicker and more economical with the water so I can polish my halo at the same time.

Z said...

I sympathise about the difficulty of getting in and out. When I get to that stage I'll have to look at an easy-access bath. The Sage and I share bath water - sharing a bath is, I think, overrated as there's not really enough room, but I leave the water for him. An ordinary shower does save water, but a power shower can use more. We are on a septic tank so our water is returned to the ground and the Aga heats the water.

A shower makes me cold and unhappy in the winter.

luckyzmom said...

A hot bath and a good book til you get all pruny and the water cools and makes your nipples hard. Heaven!)