Monday 21 January 2008

Z will require a Bindi

Today, my daughter emailed me to say that we're all invited to the wedding of her friend's K's sister - she and I went to K's own wedding in Madras four years ago, and she and her husband, sister and aunt came to El and Phil's two summers ago. This time round, the wedding, or the Indian part of it anyway, will be in Lowestoft - I suppose they have to have a registry office wedding as well as a Hindu one - but I'm looking forward to it very much. I'll have to get out my saris and decide which to wear...

I was on governor duty at the Year 9 parents' evening at the high school. I positioned myself at the signing-in table, so managed to speak to everyone. Didn't quiz about governor-related issues, as I think going to see teachers is quite stressful enough already, but I chatted and was generally friendly and pointed people in the right direction. I heard, yesterday, that the village school was to receive its Ofsted inspection today. Just a one-day inspection with two people - I think these short-notice inspections are much better for a quick check that all's going well, but the solemnity of the evaluation between categories is a bit tough - if you take a snapshot, you will get a slightly hit-and-miss result. I think they will come over well, though, and I certainly hope so. I haven't heard yet if the result of the planning application for a new school comes through; if it's a 'yes' they may start building very soon.

The paper shop had sent back our paper unsold, as we hadn't picked it up. I pointed out politely that we'd expected it to be there as it would be on our bill and it would be our problem if we hadn't fetched it. She made a note to remove it and apologised, but it wasn't her fault and I said so. It wasn't anyone's, in fact, but another time we'd put a note through the door asking them to hold on to it for us.

It must be the damp weather - I've been finding it quite painful to use my hands much, recently. I'll mention it to the doctor when I next visit, but it'll either be rheumatism or arthritis and I'm a tad pissed off, whichever. All the more important for me to get going with the clarinet. I need to twiddle those fingers while I can.

I've replied nicely to my committee friend, but I'm still putting off the Latin one. I've been out most of the day, but I've really been sleeping on it to be quite sure I know my mind.

Clarior Usta Rogo, as they say in Yagnub


Malcolm Cinnamond said...

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Love the paper shop 'confrontation' - so English!

Z said...

We're full of polite apologies here!

Dave said...

Consule cunctis, as we used to say in Gravesend.

Z said...

And it's been the razor-blade of life ever since, dear Dave.

Not that my school had a Latin motto, nor one in any language.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried glucosamine with chondroitin for joints? It takes a few months to kick in but works wonders for most people.
Yuk, Ofsted Inspections bring back bad memories. In the early days, when you had a few months notice there was paper flying about all over the school with rules and policies for any and everything. The actual inspections were carried out with a tick list - no room for commonsense. A maths teacher was slated for not giving a good introduction.
"But I did that before you turned up" he told the inspector.
"Ah, but I couldn't tick it if I didn't see it" was the response.
I had a particularly notorious class for French and was pleased that they remained attentive and orderly for the full 40 minutes. What did the inspector have to say?
"You should let them talk in groups."
What planet did she come from? If you were to ask that class of 35 mixed ability to practise French in twos and threes the result would be mayhem and they certainly wouldn't have learned anything. My normal policy was to set them written work and go round each table myself but, I have to admit I dare not take my eyes of the class as a whole when the inspector was there as I knew the trouble makers would have taken advantage.
Ofsted sounds a bit less stressful nowadays. At least I hope it is.

Monozygote said...

Oooh, my school had a motto: Fortiter et recte. Not very inspired, perhaps, but there you go.

How do we know said...

usually, ur posts just make me feel warm n all, but this collection(i've been away for a while) makes one laugh a lot too... :-)

Z said...

I asked the doctor when I went before and he said it's much more effective for knees than hips. However, if he reckons that my fingers are going too, I'll ask about it then. I find it really hard to remember to take pills.

I have found that Ofsted can really nitpick in a good school - they look for little things to criticise. The latest way of doing things, apparently, is to say nothing in an interview and just let the teacher or the governor speak, with little idea of whether you're giving the information required.

Dandelion, I'm sure it has inspired your life.

HDWK, it's the comments, isn't it. The commenters make this blog what it is ;-)

Brom said...

Read your motto thing backwards a few times, then I started anagramming it. That'll teach me to read the comments first.

Z said...

One of these days, I won't write a post at all and just let all of you speak for me.

I did, once, write a post (about the word 'piss') that inspired such excellent comments that I added them all to the post.

luckyzmom said...

I have found that there is definetely something to the "use it or lose it" saying.