Sunday 30 September 2007

Z is cuddled

We canoodled enjoyably for a couple of hours before getting up around nine o'clock. I was still in no hurry to start the day and ran a bath and lay back in it for a while. We have a six-foot bath, which is excellent if I want to lie down, but no good at all if I just want to relax without getting my hair wet, as I have to stretch out my toes to keep from slipping under the water and it isn't as relaxing as I'd like it to be.

Lying there reminded me of when I was a child, and I would lie full length in the bath, with just my face out of the water and my body gently floating. I think I must have been propped on my elbows. It was very restful.

We had a service at a neighbouring church, to celebrate the ordination of one of its parishioners yesterday. In a benefice of six churches, we now have a rector, a retired clergyman and four OLMs (Ordained Local Ministers), as well as several Lay Readers or trainees and another trainee OLM. Someone mentioned gently at the churchwardens' meeting last night that, splendid as it is to have so many able and dedicated people to preside at services, we're a bit low on helpers to do the actual boring spadework, like cleaning churches, being treasurers and suchlike.

It was a delightful service, with a big congregation. Reg is very popular. I felt a little croaky - I have a cold - and became tired, so I did everyone a favour by not joining in the hymns. I reflected, seeing the rapt faces of some people during the last hymn, that maybe the mark of being 'born again' is actually seeing the point of 'Shine Jesus Shine. I don't get it at all, merely finding it tedious to play, but those who do absolutely love it and unselfconsciously put their faces up and hold their arms out. Afterwards, there was a lunch at the village school. I left quite early, warning a friend that I might not get to the piano recital that afternoon.

I didn't. I slept instead. I lay on the sofa and zonked for an hour and a half and then still lay stupefied for half an hour. When I opened my eyes, Tilly was sitting on a chair where she could see my face. It isn't a chair she normally sits on. I made space and she jumped on the sofa and wriggled up towards me for a cuddle.

I wrote up all the shop takings for the week, with the till totals. This was doing fine until Friday, when evidently someone (I'm pretty sure it wasn't me) had made a fairly substantial error and not noted it. One of the Saturday girls had done a similar thing too. She had called me over at one point, saying that the till was playing up - I put it right that time, but it must have happened again. It's easy to do - usually, one keys in the figure and forgets to enter it, presses the next figure, enters that, and it looks like a bigger figure. Let's say 89p, then £1.25 - it would show up as £891.25. What is supposed to happen is that one prints out the receipt, puts it in the till and does the transaction again, then Al corrects it at the end of the day.

Next week, I must catch up on things because I'm off on holiday on Friday. This will include I, Like the View's meme, which is half-written, and a couple of other posts I seem to have said I'll write. I'm in London on Wednesday, visiting the Mansion House and the Goldsmiths' Fair.

I'm pondering again whether to resign (or rather, not ask to be reappointed) as a school governor next summer. I'm presently vice-chairman and, as we're expecting an Ofsted inspection, the Head would like me to carry on. I'm also Special Educational Needs governor. I do a fair bit for that, but I am uncomfortably aware that I've been coasting for a couple of years. I think it's time to go, but it's quite hard to let go. 18 years at one school and 8 at another (with overlap, that totals 20 years) is a lot to relinquish. I've promised to write to the chairman, and tell her what I'm thinking and why.

I'm going to bed to wake my husband again.

But before I do, a wave to Mike, who has written a comment for every post this month. He needs no introduction from me, as he is so well know already but, although I already knew he was interesting, likeable and very readable, I now also know that he is quite the most charming bloke I have ever met. Not that I've actually met him, but whatever. Thanks, Mike, and congratulations on your endurance.


mike said...

Oh, stop with that, will ya! :-)

Harvest Festival, right? On my way to the shop, I passed one of the village church stalwarts.

"The church is that way!", he cried. "You're going in the wrong direction!"

"I'm sorry", I explained, "but I conduct my own private ceremony at home. It's highly heretical. I've already been ex-communicated from numerous parishes. But what can you do? We've already consecrated the toast. Must hurry!"

But we did pop in later, so that K could take snaps of the Harvest Displays. You can see them on the prototype community blog for the village, which I set up today on behalf of the memorial hall committee.

(But shush, 'cos we haven't gone live. You know, Village Politics to negotiate and all that. It'll be months yet.)

And finally, since it's just gone midnight and hence into October already, can I just say what a delight it has been to serve as your guest commenter for the month. I'll be sticking around of course, perhaps a little less vocally, but I shall be sticking around.

Z said...

Mike, ...

... Actually, I just deleted what I wrote, out of respect to Dave and Orangeblossoms, because I was as irreverent as you for a minute.

I won't tell a soul about the website. Which looks splendid.

Thank you, I've been entirely entertained.

Orangeblossoms said...

awwww.... don't edit on account of me. I'm interested.... very interested in the reverent and the irreverent.

I was thinking about that line in Shine, Jesus Shine....about our lives telling the story.... I particularly like that "Mirrored here, may our lives tell your story. Shine on me... shine on me..." Anyway, I like the idea of our flawed irreverent lives telling the story.

Dave said...

Irreverent is my middle name.

Z said...

It was along the lines of adding marmalade to the Communion table and calling it breakfast. Not tasteful and not funny, but it was three in the morning.

Indeed, OB, there are fine expressive words in the hymn, but I don't receive the feelings that some friends do, whose faces are aglow. The day I stand singing with my hands spread out will be a remarkable one. I always think it's lovely that it makes people so happy, but I think I look for strength more than glow in religion. I've mentioned it before, probably before we met, but one of the hymns I'd like for my funeral is Father hear the prayer we offer - and that maybe says something about me!

Dave, that was most unkind of your parents. Or didn't they think about initials?

Dave said...

Sorry, I should have said it's one of my middle names. Along with Louche.

Z said...

David Watchful Irreverent Louche East. No wonder you can wipe the floor with anyone.

Pat said...

Funny I've been bathing lately - as opposed to showering (should it have and e?) I find 'happy clapping' deeply embarrassing and suspect it isn't your cup of tea either. No prizes for guessing what I would advise on the resignation topic. Do it! Where are you going on hols? Will miss you.

Z said...

I think (though this may be my own interpretation) that you bath in a bath and bathe in open water.

I feel comfortable in any style of service, but am not at all a clapper myself. However, I must say that I am completely won over to the Peace. My mother hated it and found it embarrassing, but a simple handshake, hug or kiss is something one might do with anyone, depending on how well you know them, so why is it embarrassing in church? It is done with real warmth here and can take a long time, as everyone wants to greet everyone else! There's even a steady stream of people coming up to me at the organ.

I'm going to Azey-le-Rideau with my sister & her boyf.

I am inclined to resign, but I know the chairman of governors finds me a support (though I do very little to deserve that) and I hate to let her down.

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monozygote said...

I love it too, z! In particular, I like the saying "peace be with you". If you said that to a stranger out of church it would be weird, but I don't know...maybe it could catch on.

Z said...

I accidentally double clicked, hence the deleted comment...

Yes, how about 'peace be with you' instead of 'have a nice day', 'take care' or 'see you later' (which last is what they say round here)?

Monozygote said...

I think instead of "see you later", it should be "go in peace to love and serve the lord", sort of said-sung on the one note.

I'm going to try it out in my daily life. I'll let you know how I get on.

Z said...

You aren't, just the tiniest bit, taking the piss are you D?

I don't recommend that you go out and sing any canticles though. That might be taking things just too far.

luckyzmom said...

Having a long tub too, I know what you mean. Mine is very deep also and I am able to float as you described doing as a child. Floating is one of my favorite things to do.

Just say no!