Saturday 29 September 2007

Pugsley's Birthday!!(!)

I finished my week's stint in the shop today. I found it quite tiring, and it was hard to get going this morning. It wasn't helped by my wakefulness at 4 am, wondering if it had been wise not to order peaches and nectarines - they are past their best and losing a juicy texture, although they taste good, and I had decided the leftover trays from yesterday were enough. I was happy about it at midnight when I went to bed, so why did it dwell on my mind when it was too late to do anything about it?

Anyway, I got up and did whatever you do at 4.45 when you can't sleep. I can't remember. I do remember picking spinach at 7.30.

Today is Pugsley's first birthday. They arrived home just before 5 (pm) and Al wondered if he should come and help me pack up. His father, rightly, said no. He's on holiday until tomorrow night when he phones in his orders.

When Squiffany was one, we bought her a train set. For Pugsley, we bought ... wait for it ... a train set. Unimaginative? Us? I Think Not. It is the same sort, so they can build a big track or each build their own. Our own children waited until they were a little older and then received 50s clockwork trains.

When I was a child, I'd have loved to have received boys' toys. I didn't like dolls and things and mostly read, played board games and did jigsaws. I did a lot outdoors too, in case you are dismissing me as a complete dull thing, just so long as it wasn't labelled Sport. I'm afraid that team games and other hearty things were seen, by the lofty and appallingly arrogant Z, as things done by unappealingly hearty people who sucked up to Games mistresses. Anyway, I never had a train set, so I had to rectify matters with my own daughter. I didn't encourage any Sindy or Barbie nonsense either, although proper dolls would have been permitted if El had shown any interest.

Anyway, I still maintain that boys' toys are more fun than girls' toys.


heybartender said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I once received a baby doll (seventh birthday, I believe), which I never touched after I got it out of the wrapping paper. Give me a football (American or otherwise) or a racetrack or a tree to climb, though, and Id be happy for hours.
I've also been an avid reader for as long as I can remember.

Girlplustwo said...

happy birthday, little one.

Monozygote said...

Anyway, I still maintain that boys' toys are more fun than girls' toys.

I think there is some truth in this, but not 100%. Some people really enjoy dolls - what of them, I wonder? And what of those who like toy guns? Yeah, they're really fun!

I think some boys' toys are inherently, and objectively more fun than girls', but the vast majority are a matter of personal preference, so I'd be cautious of a value-judgement here, especially one that is implicitly at anyone's expense...

Dave said...

You spoil that dog. A train set indeed.

Z said...

Okay, Dandelion, a follow-up post on its way. Though calling Sindy and Barbie 'nonsense' is really quite gentle criticism - much harsher has been made but not by me. The only value-judgement I can see is on myself, whom I described as lofty and appallingly arrogant.

Dave, there's a lot of dog in me, and i understand the way they think. Year-old pups love train sets. They like the paper they are wrapped in even more.

mike said...

I wasn't allowed to use my train set, in case I broke it. My dad used to take his mates up to the attic on Saturday afternoons, to show it off (it really was very elaborate). Occasionally, I was allowed to press the button that made the trains go forwards.

I preferred my sister's dolls. She didn't have any of the absolute girly-girl horrors, so my conscience is clear. The point was: you could imbue them with personalities, make up stories, use your imagination endlessly. Much more fun than boring old trains!

Z said...

I really must write that post.

I couldn't see any personality in a doll. I liked teddy bears and that sort of thing though.

luckyzmom said...

We were very poor, so we had very few of either boy or girl toys. I do remember a doll that I loved with short curly blond hair that my brother threw into a barrel of oil.

I overcompensated with my own children, buying them too too many toys. Now, with my grandchildren 4 and 7 it is difficult to know what will be special for them because they have too too too much already.