Sunday, 29 July 2007

:-D ... well, it's not hard, is it?

My sister, her young man and I are planning a visit to the Loire in October. He has been doing all the research, which I heartily approve of, because I have a short attention span - I usually don't mind, and can't be doing with more that a choice of three at best. I'm a nightmare in a travel agency and worse online because there is Too Much Choice.

Having, between us, agreed all the details (well, he suggested, I said yes), he emailed to say that the booking was confirmed. Yay!

I emailed back, cc-ing my sister


Z x

Now, doesn't that say it all to you? I thought it did. But I had a phone call this evening from my sister, whom I shall call Wink.

Wink - Bod and I had a most peculiar email from you.

Z - What?

Wink - it was all signs and symbols and we didn't understand it.

Z (who had forgotten all about the email, having received another one from Bod in the meantime) - oh my god, don't say that I''ve been spammed and you are getting dodgy stuff in my name!

Wink - I don't know - it didn't send us anywhere, but it didn't make sense.

Z (starting to have an inkling) - what was it?

Wink - well, there was a colon and then..

Interrupting Z - haven't you come across emoticons?

Explanations ensued. I felt a little silly. I expect she felt sillier. I mean, really.


Honey said...


Z said...

girl after my own heart, you are

dharmabum said...

silly. really


Z said...

True ;-}

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Double hahas for the naming of aunt & fella!


Z said...

I felt it was quite inspired, too!

The Boy said...

You frontrunner of the technological age you! ;-)

Pat said...

One of our sons lives with family near Tours.:)