Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Z is visiting London on a Coach

Off on another jolly tomorrow. Yes, my life is full of frivolity. I have earned my keep today, however, by looking after Squiffany this morning, working in the garden and greenhouse this morning and working on actual money-bearing work this evening, as far as one can when one has sunk half a bottle of red and is Merry.

I will leave for Norwich at 6.45, ante meridiem.

When I arrive back in Norwich, some 12 hours after I leave, I'll toddle down the the Assembly House for a private view (no, not just for me, it's not that private) of an exhibition put on by students at the City College - a group I'm on the committee of has sponsored it.

I have explained to the Sage and Ro that I will be too late for dinner and not to wait. I'll eat on the way home. This means either that I'll huddle at a Table For One or that I'll queue at MuckD for a takeaway. Or I could dream hungrily of bacon and eggs all the way home. I don't know. I'll let kind fate decide.

I'm going to visit the Goldsmiths' Hall, in the City*, by the way. I've not been there before, I expect to be vastly interested.

*near St Pauls


Dandelion said...

Is that one of the livery companies? I went to one of those once.

Newbie said...

Ooh! I'll wave in your general direction then. That's near where I work (ish)!

Z said...

That's right Dandelion. They've got an exhibition on.

Angelina, I'll be the one at the front of the Dereham coach grinning at you.

The Boy said...

Goldsmiths is lovely, lovlier when you've got a glass of wine in one hand and nothing to worry about in the other.

Z said...

It was lovely, Boy. And so was the City on this spring day. No wine until I returned, though.