Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Wicked Pisser!

I did enjoy that. Thanks for joining in.

Today was Squiffany's birthday and she is now two years old. But I can't write about her in a post entitled wicked pisser, so I'll see if I can find a suitable photo for you, tomorrow.


A wildlife gardener said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful grandchild...I can tell you are besotted! I think if I had grandchildren I'd get no work done!What a precious gift.

jen said...

you, friend, are the true wicked pisser. in the best kind of way.

i am SO showing this to J.

Wendz said...

And yesterday was Fabien's 7th birthday....snap! :)

That piss post was one of your best and really really funny. You are a one, Z.

stitchwort said...

Yup - now you know what to write about to get your readers really interested!

martin said...

"A triumph !"......... Time Out

"Z's role is clear and concise"....... The Times

"One of the finest blogs of the century"..Pig Keeper News

Z said...

I don't get much done while she's around, WG.

Jen, I raise a glass (well, right now it's a cup of tea, but it's champagne in spirit) to you and J for sharing that excellent phrase.

Yay to Fabien!!

I look at you all with increased respect and affection, for good-naturedly coming and joining me at my true level.